As discussed during the Faculty Town Hall, preparations for fall are underway and will include several scenarios. With the safety of faculty, staff and students in mind, we are planning to be open with students on campus. However, we recognize that circumstances may change rapidly, requiring us to pivot as we did this past semester or to adjust how we open in August. It is important that we proactively prepare for these situations and to address the logistics of adequate safeguards in light of COVID-19.
In order to accomplish these goals, we ask that everyone join us in taking the following steps:
  1. Most importantly, all courses should utilize Canvas for content, grades, and communication.
  2. Courses that are not 100% online should be modified to be hybrid to whatever extent is feasible.
  3. All class sessions should be recorded (e.g., using Panopto) and made available for viewing in Canvas.
  4. Attendance policies should be modified to allow students to participate via Canvas or other online modalities.
  5. Courses should use the syllabus template, which can be found here: (long form) or here:  (short form).
  6. Consider allowing students to alternate between regular (physical) attendance and virtual (synchronous) attendance via Zoom or Panopto to allow for appropriate social distancing.
Matt Whipple will be offering several sessions in June and the first two weeks of July focused on different areas of teaching online, such as communication, content delivery, grading, and testing. He will cover several tools and techniques in each session. Look for an opportunity to sign up for these sessions in the near future. Links to additional resources can be found on the Center for Teaching & Learning website.

We know that some of you are at heightened risk to COVID-19. It is our intention to accommodate these needs, allowing individuals to move courses fully online or adapt them as need be. We also know that not all courses can be modified in the same way. In order to assist us in planning as effectively as possible, we ask that everyone complete the following survey:

Fall 2020 Course Survey