Technology Services has put together the following tutorials for Panopto and Zoom:

Capabilities of the Different Types of Classrooms

  • If you would like to find out the recording capabilities of the classrooms you will be using, please click here to view the document that will tell you what equipment is in a specific room.
  • Click here to view the entire video we have showing the three different times of classrooms, their capabilities and our recommended settings for each of those classrooms.
  • If you know the type of classroom you will be using, you can find the times in the description to jump to a certain part of the video.

Tutorial Videos
We have also put together tutorial videos on how to Record in PanoptoSchedule a Meeting in Zoom and How to Host a Meeting in Zoom.  These videos are covering the basics of how to use Panopto and Zoom for your class. We will be putting out more tutorial videos that will be specific to the topics touched on briefly in these videos.

Written Tutorials
If you would prefer written documents on each of these subjects, you can find them here:  Types of ClassroomsRecord in PanoptoSchedule a Meeting in Zoom and How to Host a Meeting in Zoom.

Live Streaming with Either Panopto or Zoom
Both can live stream and both can record. However, for live streaming, Zoom is the recommended program. You can set up links ahead of time (see Schedule a Meeting in Zoom) whereas Panopto only gives you a link to follow after you start the recording. This may cause members of your class to actually miss part of your lecture that you are streaming. You can record in Zoom and then upload that file into Panopto. We will be creating a video explaining that process soon.

Upcoming Live Chat Help Session
We will be setting up a few Zoom sessions within the next week if anyone has specific questions that you would like to discuss via a live chat.  Details will be emailed out soon.

If you have any further questions, or need help with any settings in any of the classrooms, please contact Technology Services at (816) 271-4555.