Department of Criminal Justice, Legal Studies & Social Work

Organization of Student Social Workers

Treasurer: Bethany Ireland, Secretary: Nichole Oswalt, President: Ashley Buzzard, Vice-President: Victoria Clark and Historian: Markitta Moore

Treasurer: Bethany Ireland, Secretary: Nichole Oswalt, President: Ashley Buzzard, Vice-President: Victoria Clark and Historian: Markitta Moore

First Meeting of the semester:

September 12, 2016  at 12:00pm in Wilson 203M (2nd floor/student engagement center)

Organization of Student Social Workers (2015-2016 OSSW Officers)

The purposes of the Organization of Student Social Workers (O.S.S.W.) are:

  • to develop familiarity among students and professionals interested in the
    field of social work and social problems
  • to promote an understanding of professional social work
  • to encourage the professional identification of social work majors
  • to be informed about and have a better understanding of social agencies in the St. Joseph area
  • to take action on common social concerns
  • to undertake projects of various kinds to benefit the Organization, College, and community.

Any student enrolled full- or part-time at MWSU, majoring or minoring in social work, is eligible for full membership in O.S.S.W. Other students who are interested in the social work field and/or social problems may join as affiliated members. Meetings are typically held once or twice a month.

Delta Epsilon: Phi Alpha Honor Society
The Social Work Program is a member of Phi Alpha, the social work honor society. The purposes of our chapter, Delta Epsilon, are:

  • to recognize and promote scholastic achievement among social work students and faculty at Missouri Western State University;
  • to recognize, improve, and further the goals of social work in the community, state, nation, and world;
  • to stimulate interest in a social work career;
  • to encourage continued study and research at the undergraduate level, the graduate level, and in professional practice; and
  • to recognize those professional social workers whose service, contributions, and leadership are held in high esteem.

A student is eligible for active membership in Delta Epsilon when he or she has:

  1. declared social work as a major,
  2. achieved junior status,
  3. completed 6 hours of required social work courses,
  4. achieved an overall grade point average of 3.00, and
  5. achieved a 3.25 grade point average in social work courses.

National Association of Social Workers
The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is the largest organization of professional social workers in the world, with chapters in each state. Missouri Western State University’s Social Work Program is proud to coordinate Northwest Missouri’s Chapter of NASW. Among the things that NASW does are:

  • support legal regulation and consumer protection in the practice of social work;
  • carry on the profession’s tradition of social action;
  • maintain a deliberate, systematic tie between the practice of social work and the making of social policy,
  • participate in an annual nationwide public service campaign designed to raise public consciousness about pressing social issues;
  • provide a full range of services and benefits to its members, such as insurance programs, continuing education offerings, opportunities for professional interaction and leadership development, a tax-deferred annuity plan, and the NASW News and Social Work journal.