Childhood Studies

Welcome! Missouri Western State University offers an interdisciplinary minor in Childhood Studies. This minor is intended for those students who have child-related emphases in their major disciplines, such as juvenile delinquency, child psychology, or pediatrics, or for those who simply wish to learn more about the subject of childhood. The minor will also provide a foundation of study for those students who intend to go on to professional or graduate school in order to study in child-related areas. This minor does not provide students with certification to teach in the state of Missouri.

The following faculty members teach courses related to Childhood Studies:


Mike Cadden, Director English
Pam Clary Social Work
Teddi Deka Psychology
Jana Frye Social Work
Britt Johnson Physical Education
Ali Kamali Sociology
Heather Kendall Nursing
Suzanne Kissock Legal Studies
Greg Lindsteadt Criminal Justice
Sergio Molina Physical Education
Laura Nold Nursing
Beth Potts Education
Karmen Romero Nursing
Christie Ziemer Psychology


Other Childhood Studies Programs:
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Rutgers University
Case Western Reserve University
University of Birmingham
Monash University
University of Florida