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Animal Subjects Research

Animal Subjects Research2023-11-17T10:18:10-06:00
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What is the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)?

The IACUC is responsible for institutional compliance with current policies concerning the humane care of laboratory animals as detailed by the National Institutes of Health.

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IACUC Members

Dr. Kristen Walton (MWSU Biology Department), Chair
Dr. Cary Chevalier (MWSU Biology Department)
Dr. Ashley Elias (MWSU Biology Department
Dr. Greg Lindsteadt (MWSU Department of Criminal Justice & Legal Studies)
TJ Peacher (Missouri Department of Conservation)
Victoria Sample (MWSU Chemistry/Biology Lab Coordinator)
Dr. Randall Schildknecht (Veterinarian)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IACUC?2023-11-16T15:35:25-06:00

The IACUC is responsible for oversight of the animal care and use program and its components as described in the Public Health Service (PHS) Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (Policy) and the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (Guide). Its oversight functions include an ongoing assessment of animal care and use.

Who is required to apply?2023-11-16T15:38:09-06:00

According to federal law, all laboratory use of non-human vertebrate animals at Missouri Western State University must be approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). An IACUC protocol form must be filed if:

  • The research, training, or testing is conducted under authority or directive of the university, regardless of funding sources
  • These activities are conducted by any faculty, staff, or students of the university in conjunction with their academic or professional responsibilities
  • These activities are conducted on university property or using university facilities or equipment
I am doing wildlife observation, is my research exempt from IACUC approval?2023-11-16T15:38:25-06:00

Workers doing field investigations that involve handling of non-human vertebrates must receive approval from IACUC. However, workers performing observational field investigations (i.e., work that does not involve direct handling of animals or significant manipulation of the animals’ environment) may be exempt from full committee approval, but must submit a wildlife waiver to IACUC to be considered for exemption.

I am a student, do I need to file an IACUC protocol?2023-11-16T15:38:48-06:00

Students can be covered under an instructor’s/advisor’s protocol as long as their work does not deviate from the approved protocol. Students can not be the PI on an IACUC protocol.

What kind of review procedures are there?2023-11-16T15:39:14-06:00

When a protocol is submitted to the IACUC a committee quorum will meet to review the materials, ensure that they comply with appropriate University and federal regulations as well as ethical conduct of research.  The IACUC also conducts annual reviews of animal care programs and animal holding facilities.

How do I submit a proposal for review?2023-11-17T08:01:53-06:00

Download and complete the protocol application form.  Once completed, the form should be submitted via email to the current chair of the IACUC committee.

When does the committee meet?2023-11-16T15:41:07-06:00

The committee meets twice per year unless more frequent meetings are required.

How will I be notified of the committee’s decision?2023-11-16T15:41:27-06:00

You will be notified of the committee’s decision by email.  The review process is generally completed within 2-weeks.

Who is on the IACUC?2023-11-16T15:42:07-06:00

The IACUC membership must consist of at least 5 members and includes:

  • one veterinarian with training or experience in laboratory animal science and medicine, who has direct or delegated authority and responsibility for activities involving animals at the institution;
  • one practicing scientist experienced in research with animals;
  • one member whose primary concerns are in a nonscientific area (e.g., ethicist, lawyer, member of the clergy); and
  • one member who is not affiliated with the institution other than as a member of the IACUC.
Do I need the support of my Department Chair?2023-11-16T15:42:28-06:00

Absolutely.  You should discuss your planned research with your chairperson.  They will work with you to identify if the work is feasible within the resource and facility constraints of the University.