By: Chandra Traxler

I’ve had some amazing opportunities to do makeup for a ton of different film sets while at Western. Projects have ranged from basic beauty makeup to heavy prosthetic usage. Working as a makeup artist
my skills have grown tremendously as I’ve learned new techniques to make the best product I can for the screen.

One of the coolest experiences I had was on the summer internship film, The Eclipse. I worked under an art director to help make their vision of the characters come to life.

During the making of this film, the actors had to undergo tons of movement and extreme heat and the makeup team had to find ways to work around it. I worked with mediums like gelatin prosthetics, latex paste and homemade fake blood.

Over time I’ve developed and built the “kit” I use on location. Think of a giant box filled with anything and everything to be prepared for any situation: latex, spirit gum, tons of eyelashes, 20 shades of foundation,
dozens of lipstick shades, powders, fake teeth and nails, paint, glitter, blood, and tattoo cover just to name a few of my “must haves.

I’ve always loved the creative outlet that makeup allows me to have and seeing my work on screen is surreal. I can’t wait to see what else I can create while I’m here.