The faculty and staff at Missouri Western are experts on a wide range of subjects, and they are available to visit high schools or community events to guest lecture. Check out our Presidential Speakers Team’s menu of outstanding professors and professionals who are excited to present on wide-ranging topics that include everything from careers, bullying, social media, science and public speaking to creating a podcast, music and emotion, what Harry Potter can teach us about friendship, and much more.

To schedule a Missouri Western professional for an event, class or assembly, please send an email directly to the faculty member’s email and

Department Name Email Topics
Admissions & Global Center JP Yates (1) College/University Selection & Application Process
(2) Paying for Higher Education
(3) International Study
Athletics Matt Williamson Leadership, motivation, athletics
Athletics Brett Esely Leadership, motivation, careers in athletics, first generation students
Biology Csengele Barta (1) Careers in science;
(2) Skills development and applied learning in the sciences;
(3) plant sciences;
(4) science behind climate change;
(5) plant biotechnology
Biology Mark Mills (1) Amphibians and Reptiles (I have live animals such as snakes, lizards, and turtles);
(2) Ecology;
(3) Conservation Biology and related issues (e.g. endangered species);
(4) I am also willing to speak to students about a career in biology. I am a first generation college student myself and can relate my story and experiences to high school students.
Business Pam Klaus (1) Entrepreneurship;
(2) Building a business plan; and
(3) Public presentation tips
Creative Writing Marianne Kunkel (1) How to get a job in book publishing;
(2) how to create a school literary magazine;
(3) how to submit creative work for publication;
(4) how to make a podcast;
(5) collaborations between creative writing and other art forms;
(6) creative writing opportunities in Missouri
Criminal Justice Sue Godboldt (1) General crime issues,
(2) dating violence, and
(3) preventing victimization
Education / Grad School Susan Bashinski (1) Anything associated with becoming a teacher, but especially special education;
(2) general preparation for a successful college/university experience; and
(3) processes to use for choosing a college/university and how to operationalize the decision-making process
Education / Center for Service Kassie Payne (1) Careers in Education
History and Geography Dominic DeBrincat (1) Any aspect of American History;
(2) Presentation on “Why History?
History and Geography Evan Hart (1) Any aspect of American History;
(2) Presentation on “Why History?
Law David Tushaus Overseas until summer 2020. Can present on
(1) careers in law;
(2) applied learning opportunities involving the law;
(3) preparing students for law school;
(4) international experience and cultural challenges involving the law; (5) international law and human rights issues and
(6) issues of torture and genocide.
Legal Studies Suzanne Kissock (1) Legal Profession;
(2) getting into law school;
(3) teen bullying and juvenile law;
(4) elections and the law;
(6) civil rights and
(7) criminal law
Music Aaron Grant (1) Joint presentation with Professor Rhimmon Simchy-Gross on emotion and music;
(2) Music theory
Nursing and Health Professions Fiona Sansone (1) Population health management
Nursing and Health Professions Andrea Collins Keller Careers and opportunities in Nursing, Population Health Management, Health Information Management and Physical Therapist Assistant.
Nursing and Health Professions Becky Blake Opportunities in nursing
Philosophy Jim Okapal (1) What Harry Potter can teach us about friendship;
(2) beasts vs beings in Harry Potter;
(3) the limited friendships of androids and vulcans;
(4) employee-employer relations in the alien franchise;
(5) moral status of machines;
(6) moral status in Narnia;
(7) ethics in science fiction; and
(8) star trek and philosophy.
Philosophy and Religion Lane DesAutels (1) Meaning of life in a digital age;
(2) technology and humanity: is social media changing who we are;
(3) bioengineering: does human genetic modification violate human dignity;
(4) ethics of climate change: what do we owe future generations.
Political Science Ed Taylor (1) American Government;
(2) International Relations;
(3) Northern Ireland Conflict;
(4) Wildfire Prosecution
(5) LGBTQ issues
Psychology Corey White (1) Science of the brain;
(2) Psychology and congnitive science
Social Work Grey Endres (1) Suicide awareness;
(2) Ethics, bullying, and mandated reporting;
(3) Trauma: Child Abuse;
(4) Team Building and leadership;
(5) Social work and social services as a profession;
(6) child development;
(7) attachment loss;
(8) child welfare & helping successful transitions for children and families
Geography Dawn Drake (1) Mapping technologies
(2) Careers in geospatial fields
(3) Rural and agricultural topics
(4) Climate change
Sociology Joachim Kibirige (1) The Social determinants of Health
(2) Health and Health Care as both Bio-Physiological as well as SOCIAL phenomena
(3) Race as a Social (not Biological) phenomenon.
(4) Racial and Ethnic Relations in a Changing World
(5) Crime as a response to, and symptom of, social malady
Spanish – English and Modern Languages Daniel Gilden (1) Life work of Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta and their relevance of his work for farmers, farm workers, and health;
Spanish – English and Modern Languages Eduardo Castilla Ortiz Guest lecture in Spanish and French
Dean of Student Affairs Hannah Piechowski (1) Helping students transition to college;
(2) parent involvement and partnership in student success;
(3) supporting students in a digital age with more of a focus on psychological wellbeing/mental health, etc.;
(4) MWSU services: counseling, health services, recreation services, accessibility resources, emergency response, student conduct and others
Writing Janice Cool Stephens Technical communication and creative writing