Student success is at the core of our mission, so we are rolling out new initiatives to help support our students and build opportunities for success.

Each of these new initiatives will make an impact and a difference in the lives of our students. Each provides creative opportunities for students to “go and do” and put learning into action.

Our unique, distinctive and innovative initiatives include: the Griffon Guarantee Scholarship, the Center for Service, Gold Fridays, women’s lacrosse, esports and the Global Center.

Tokyo skyline

Study Abroad in Japan

Students who enroll in “The Global Lawyer” course will travel to Japan with Dr. Wilson on May 6-16, 2020. The class will explore Kyoto, Tokyo and Kanazawa while learning about the U.S. and Japanese systems of Tort Law. Each participating student will receive a $1,000 scholarship.

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Starting in fall 2020, Missouri Western will launch an esports program. This initiative will provide a connected community for students while helping them develop essential real-life career skills, like teamwork, creativity, problem-solving and communication skills.

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MWSU international students standing in front of the clock tower

Global Center

The Global Center will be an expanded version of the current International Center, with an emphasis on global experiences as well as recruiting and retention. It will be housed in Eder Hall 101. More information is coming soon.

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Missouri Western students volunteering for "Griffon Buddies"

Center for Service

Starting in 2020, through the newly established Center for Service, you can earn up to three credit hours toward your degree for your service-learning activities. For every 40 hours of qualified community service you participate in, you can earn one credit hour free of charge. Service-learning and volunteer opportunities are arranged through the Center for Service and also become part of your co-curricular record.

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Missouri Western is Missouri's Official Applied Learning State University

Gold Fridays

At Missouri Western, we are always looking for new ways to bring educational opportunities to you. Beginning in fall 2020, we will adopt an innovative approach to course scheduling called Gold Fridays. Most classes will be held Monday-Thursday, with Fridays free to explore hands-on learning like internships, volunteering, research, practice, club meetings, events, meeting with professors, travel, work and more.

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Missouri Western Students at Griffon Edge

Griffon Guarantee Scholarship

Starting in fall 2020, the Griffon Guarantee Scholarship is different from other scholarship programs. It starts with an initial award ranging from $500-$6,500 that automatically renews and grows each year as long as you remain enrolled full-time, meet the hours completed requirement and are in good academic standing (2.0 GPA). That could mean up to $30,500 toward your education over four years!

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Women's Lacrosse player

Women’s Lacrosse

Missouri Western’s new women’s lacrosse team will become active in the 2020-2021 academic year and begin competition in the spring of 2021. Missouri Western is the fourth NCAA Division II member in the state to add the sport (the first from the MIAA) and the only public DII member in the state sponsoring women’s lacrosse.

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