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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2018-04-27T16:04:56+00:00
How do Western Institute (CED-prefix) credit courses differ from credit courses with department prefixes?2018-04-27T15:57:05+00:00

CED-prefix courses are the same credit as departmental courses. CED-prefix courses appear on your transcript, and up to six hours may count toward graduation. They are sponsored by the Western Institute, rather than a department.

Where do I enroll for Western Institute credit courses?2018-04-27T15:57:35+00:00

If you are enrolling only in Western Institute sponsored courses (listed in this schedule), you may enroll in Spratt Hall, Room 105. If you are enrolling in both regular and Western Institute sponsored courses, you must enroll at regular registration, or during preregistration through the Registrar’s office. If you are on suspension or have a hold of any kind on your account, you are NOT eligible to enroll in a credit class (including Western Institute sections). Pre-paid registrations WILL BE cancelled (with full refund) upon the addition of a hold or suspension status to your account.

How do I add or drop a class?2018-04-27T15:58:07+00:00

Previously enrolled students may add and drop classes by using remote terminals (during regular registration only). Add/drops may be taken in the Western Institute for Western Institute courses only.

Can I take a class just for the fun of it?2018-04-27T15:58:36+00:00
Yes, Western Institute offers some classes and programs for fun and personal enrichment designed for students of ALL ages and talents.
Do I need a parking permit?2018-04-27T15:58:54+00:00

Missouri Western requires that all students taking a credit class(es) must have a parking permit. The permit is good for one year (September-August). These may be obtained from the Public Safety Office, on the first floor of the Student Union, by providing them with a copy of your class schedule. You can do this at the same time you request your Student I.D. card. If you are registered in a non-credit class(es), parking permits will be issued for the duration of the class (only) and will distributed by mail before the event or will be given to you at the first class meeting.

Where do I park?2018-04-27T15:59:14+00:00

Student and visitor parking is in the lots in the areas that are not marked with a yellow curb or reserved sign. Park in lots labeled “General Parking” in a white space, heading in to the space (do not back in).

How do I pay fees for credit courses?2018-04-27T16:01:06+00:00

Methods of payment:

  • Cash
  • Check (payable to Missouri Western)
  • Online with a Credit Card, Debit Card, or Check
  • Financial Aid accepted with proof of approval
  • Deferred Contract: requires a 20% down payment. Fill out forms in Spratt 105 or in the Business Office.

You are not officially registered for a class until payment has been made or a deferred contract has been filed. Some classes may require textbooks or other materials.

Do I need a student identification card?2018-04-27T16:01:27+00:00

If you are taking a credit course, you may obtain a student identification card through the security office in the student union. Your card will provide you access to the library, fitness center, computer labs, and PE facilities.

How do I get a refund for credit courses?2018-04-27T16:01:45+00:00

Students who drop individual classes or who make other schedule changes, but remain in school, are not eligible for a fee refund. Refunds are given to students who completely withdraw from college in accordance with the college policy.

When can I register for Western Institute classes?2018-04-27T16:02:04+00:00

Students may register for classes offered through the Western Institute anytime after they receive the class schedule. They may continue to register throughout the semester up until the start date of the class unless there is a requested enrollment date listed or the class has already filled.

When is payment due for Western Institute classes?2018-04-27T16:02:25+00:00

A student is not registered for a class unless payment is received.