Walter Cronkite Memorial Quiz

After you've had a chance to explore the memorial, test your knowledge by taking the Walter Cronkite Memorial quiz.

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Walter Cronkite Memorial (WCM) “Stations”


1.   South entry three-dimensional WCM bronze plaque (and entrance banners)
2.   Glider plaque and air glider model (WWII Waco Combat Glider)
3.   Hirschfeld caricatures (large version)
4a.   Historical (1962 – 1981) photograph display
4b.   Video kiosk of historical photograph display
5.   Dedication plaque
6a.   Chamber of Commerce plaque
6b.   Video kiosk of Chamber of Commerce presentation
7a.   Timeline wall (1916 – 2009)
7b.   Video kiosk of timeline wall
8.   NASA panorama with Cronkite quote
9.   Memorabilia display case
10.   Hirschfeld caricatures (small version)
11.   Cronkite display on Missouri public higher education
12.   Betsy Maxwell Cronkite tribute

Walter Cronkite Memorial Study Questions/Educational Materials

Station 2: 1. In which war did Walter Cronkite fly into Holland in a “Waco Combat Glider”?
Station 3 &10: 2. Who was the famous caricature artist who did a variety of sketches of Walter Cronkite and of other famous CBS TV celebrities of the early 1960s?
Stations 4a & 4b: 3. Everyone old enough to remember seems to have a vivid recollection of “where they were” when this event of the last half of the 20th century occurred.
  4. Walter Cronkite was the anchor of the CBS Evening News from 1962 to 1981. Name ten major events occurring during that time period.
  5. Their arrival in America and performance on the Ed Sullivan Show caused a lot of excitement in 1964.
  6. What was the name of the famous report done on the JFK assassination?
  7. In which year did the United States officially “land on the moon?”
  8. Who was the astronaut to first set foot on the moon?
  9. This senator was assassinated during his 1968 campaign for the Presidency.
  10. His “dream” was cut short by an assassin’s bullet in 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee.
   11. This treaty technically ended the Vietnam War. (Paris peace accord)
  12. This newspaper heiress got involved with the Symbionese Liberation Army in 1974.
  13. This charismatic candidate defeated incumbent Jimmy Carter in the 1980 presidential election.
  14. This extremely well-attended 1969 music festival was viewed as a pivotal moment in popular music history.
  15. This national political convention erupted in an unprecedented level of violence.
  16. He succeeded JFK as the 36th President of the United States.
Station 6a: 17. In 1969, Walter Cronkite came to his birthplace, St. Joseph, Missouri, to address attacks on the media made by this political figure.
Station 7a: 18. What university did Walter Cronkite attend for two years?
  19. Following WWII, Mr. Cronkite covered what well-known trial?
  20. What famous broadcast journalist hired Mr. Cronkite in 1950 to work for CBS?
  21. The CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite went from a 15-minute format to a 30-minute format in what year?
  22. In 1974, Mr. Cronkite appeared on what popular CBS situation comedy?
  23. Mr. Cronkite’s 1978 interview with this global leader helped initiate the Middle-East Peace Treaty.
  24. With whom did Walter Cronkite have his last presidential interview as the CBS anchor?
Station 8: 25. Mr. Cronkite considered this event to be the “most extraordinary story of our time.”
Station 9: 26. What is the significance of the time 1p.m. Central Standard Time?
  27. As anchor of the CBS Evening News, Mr. Cronkite won over a dozen of these prestigious television awards.
  28. This is the title of Mr. Cronkite’s autobiography.
  29. In his lifetime, Mr. Cronkite received 19 of these honors of highest academic achievement.
Station 11: 30. In 1982, Mr. Cronkite provided the narration for a tribute to public higher education in Missouri.  What is the name of the individual who commissioned this tribute and contacted Mr. Cronkite to provide the narration for it?
Station 12: 31. In 1940, Mr. Cronkite married Mary Elizabeth “Betsy” Maxwell. This was a wonderful union that lasted until her death in 2005. Betsy was from Kansas City and graduated from what prestigious school of journalism?