Free St. Joe Transit

Free Bus Rides for MWSU Students

Your MWSU Student Government Association has partnered with the St. Joseph Transit system to provide FREE bus rides to MWSU students. In order to use this great service, you only have to show your MWSU ID as you enter the bus. Click Here to view the "Rider Guide".

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Popplewell Bus Stop Hearnes Bus Stop
For more information about the St. Joseph Transit System, please visit their website by clicking here or you can contact them at 816-233-6700.

Route Deviations

Instead of going to a bus stop, students can use the route deviation service. This is a curb-to-curb service, available for all students regardless of ability. There is an additional fee of 50 cents for each deviation. A minimum of 30 minutes advance notice is required to schedule a deviation, but more notice is better. Walk-on route deviations (where the student just asks the driver to make a deviation) are welcome.
To make Reservations:
You can call 233-6700 to make a reservation for a deviation.
You can also do it online. Click here to go to the online reservation system.


Bicycles are welcome on St. Joseph Transit. There are special bike racks mounted on the front of every bus which will securely hold two bikes. The racks are very easy to use. Simple instructions are printed on the racks. Don’t forget to take your bike with you when you leave! Motorized bikes, two-seated bicycles, and tricycles are not allowed. If the bike rack is full, you will have to wait for the next bus. Bikes are not allowed inside the bus.