“Missouri Western has so many opportunities.”

— Nah’Ryan Reed-Crawford

Hometown: Kansas City, Mo
Major: Accounting and Supply Chain Management
Missouri Western has so many opportunities. Nah-Ryan Reed-Crawford. Hometown: Kansas City Mo. Major: Accounting and Supply Chain Management

Nah’Ryan Reed-Crawford, from Kansas City, Missouri, has really enjoyed her college experience at Missouri Western. “There is always something going on, opportunities for internships and fun things to do,” she says. “I love Missouri Western because they make it easy to be a part of things, things you never thought you would ever do.”

Nah’Ryan is an Accounting and Supply Chain Management double major, and has held many leadership positions for a number of student organizations, including chair of Homecoming in 2019.

“Coming here will teach you how to think outside the box, how to stand on your own. Coming here will teach you how to become someone in your own way.”


Nah’Ryan says her experience at Missouri Western has taught her how to be a better leader. She has served as a Griffon Edge Mentor and a Student Ambassador for Admissions, and in 2019, she was president of the Western Activities Council and in charge of Homecoming.

“My leadership roles have opened a lot of doors for me. I love it and have a passion for it. Missouri Western has so many opportunities, it was easy to jump into everything.”

Global Viewpoint

Nah’Ryan said her best experience at Missouri Western so far was the Craig School of Business & Technology’s Global Viewpoint trip to New Zealand and Australia.

“First, it was my best experience because I faced my fear of flying,” she said. “Then we met with so many different businesses one-on-one. I gained so much perspective on business and life. It was a big a ball of opportunity and experience.”

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