Department of Theatre, Cinema & Dance

MWSU Theatre Audition Procedures

The following is a step-by-step breakdown of the audition procedures for a Missouri Western Theatre Audition.


  • Actors will sign up for an audition number via the website using the Online Theatre Audition Form
  • Actors will be signing up for an audition number, rather than an audition time.  These numbers will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Actors should therefore prepare for the auditions ahead of time by asking off for that night from work and otherwise clearing their schedules of any potential conflicts.
    • Walk-ups will be allowed, but will be assigned numbers at the end of the evening and will still be required to supply all materials as below.


  • 30 minutes prior to their audition block, actors will check-in with the Stage Manager and will then be escorted into an “on deck” room.
    • A Stage Manager will be on hand to help answer any questions, etc.
  • Actors are required to provide 2 headshot/resumes for their audition.
    • 8×10 headshot with a trimmed and formatted resume attached with staples.
    • At least one printed headshots/resume from each actor will be provided to the Acting professor after the auditions are complete.
      • The quality, content, layout, etc. of the headshots will be added to the students’ post-mortem discussion.


  • Actors will have 30 minutes to warm-up, use a piano or keyboard (no accompanist will be provided), stretch, etc.
  • The Stage Management team will line the actors up in sequential, numerical order and escort each group to the audition space.

The Audition Room

  • Actors will be brought into the audition room with a group of 20 actors and will audition in sequential, numerical order.
    • The Stage Managers should ensure that they are lined up in the correct order before they leave the warm-up room and should take note of any numbers that are missing to announce to the Directors before the group begins.
  • All of the actors will remain in the room until the entire group of 20 has auditioned.
  • Audition Groups will follow this procedure:
    1. Actor 1 will go immediately to the accompanist to take a few moments to talk through their music (go over starting and ending points, point out cue lines, make sure the accompanist knows whether or not the actor is acting or singing first, go over tempos, etc.)
    2. When ready, the actor will take the stage and quickly set up their space. They should should quickly introduce themselves and their audition number and get right into their audition.
    3. Once Actor 1 has begun, Actor 2 will discreetly step into the “on-deck” chair. The accompanist will turn to them when they are ready and ask them for the same information about their music (if applicable).
    4. When Actor 1 is finished, they will leave the stage and return to their same seat, Actor 2 will take the stage and quickly set up their space as above.
    5. Once Actor 2 has begun, Actor 3 will discreetly step into the “on-deck” chair as above.
    6. This will repeat until all 20 actors in the Group have performed.
    7. Then, the Group will be escorted out of the room and there will be a brief pause while the next Group is escorted in.
  • Each actor will be allowed 60 seconds for their auditions if they are Acting or Singing ONLY. They will be allowed 90 seconds for their audition if they are Acting AND Singing.
    • Their time will begin from the first sound that you utter (including your name and audition number).
    • Actors will also be provided one sturdy chair with no arms that can be used as part of their audition.
  • If an actor goes over time, the timekeeper will raise their hand and say “Time”.
    • If the actor is singing, the accompanist will simply remove their hands from the keyboard and stop playing.
    • If the actor continues, the timekeeper will stand and continue to repeat the word “Time” at greater and greater volume until the actor stops their piece and returns to their seat.
  • If actors are singing as part of their audition, they must provide their own sheet music, complete with markings indicating your start and end points.
    • The music must also be in the correct key, the accompanist will not be able to transpose for you on the spot!
    • If applicable, it is also helpful to the accompanist to write their “cue lines” into your music. This will help them better provide you with the audition experience that you have rehearsed!
    • Actors may not sing a cappella or accompany themselves on an instrument as part of their audition.  CD/mp3 players will likewise not be allowed.

The Dance Call/After the Audition

  • Once a group has completed their audition, actors should check out with the Stage Manager, then they are free to leave the theatre for the evening.
    • UNLESS, they are acting/singing, then they will proceed immediately to the dance callback room.
      • Then, they should check-out with the Stage Manager as soon as the dance callback is complete.
  • The Choreographer will begin teaching the dance combo in small groups of somewhat less than 20, then have everyone dance through the combo for the director after all of the audition groups have gone


  • For the purposes of our “general audition,” we will not be setting any specific requirements with regards to genres, styles, playwrights, composers, etc.
    • This type of requirement will be held for the callbacks where the director can require an additional monologue (if they like) or simply cold read the actors from the script.