Department of Theatre, Cinema & Dance

Theatre Auditions FAQ

Where do I get more information about auditions and signup for a number?
Audition information for our general theatre auditions can be found at
Who can audition?
Auditions are open to anyone. Students enrolled in Acting classes at Missouri Western will be required to audition. Theatre Majors are expected to take every audition opportunity that presents itself.
Is the a priority given to students when casting?
Yes. Missouri Western Theatre students will be given priority when casting straight plays. Equal consideration of that casting priority will be given to Theatre and Music Majors when casting for musical productions. Community members are welcome (and even encouraged!) to audition as along as they understand that our first priority must be to our students.
What should I expect once I sign up?
You'll receive an email confirming your audition number and providing you with further instructions (including your audition time slot, required check-in time and location, etc.)
What time will my audition be?
Auditions will be scheduled in 30 minute blocks with 20 actors in each block. Once you receive your audition number, you should go to to see which audition block your number will be in and follow the instructions in the email you will receive accordingly.
Will I be auditioning by myself?
Yes. These are solo performances that showcase your talent for the directors. You should prepare your audition package accordingly.
How long should I allow for the night of auditions?
You should allow a minimum of 1 hour if you are only acting as part of your audition. If you are acting *and* singing (or singing only), you will also be required to attend the dance portion of the auditions on the same evening, requiring an additional time requirement. Actors only: You will remain in the audition room while all 20 of your fellow actors perform their pieces. This alone requires 30 minutes of time. However, you will also be required to check-in 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time and hold in the warm-up/on-deck room. You should allow a minimum of 1 hour for the actual audition. Actors/Singers: You will also be required to check-in 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time. You will also be required to remain in the room during your group’s entire audition block. You will be required to attend the dance auditions. This will require additional time.
Are there certain monologues or songs that I should avoid?
Yes! Monologues and songs get overdone all the time! When you are one of 900+ actors auditioning, the chances of you picking completely original material that no other actor has also selected for that audition is going to be slim-to-none. However, you also don't want to be the 400th actor who has done the same monologue or song (or worse, both). Here are a couple of links that will help you decide which monologues and songs to avoid when putting your audition package together.
Where is the best place to find monologues and songs for my audition package?
The best way to find monologues and songs is to read every play and listen to every musical you can get your hands on. You should strive to be the most well-read and well-versed actor in the industry. Don't just shoot for the obscure titles that no one has ever heard of, either. Read and listen to everything. Always be on the lookout for a new monologue or song. And, on the off-chance that you read a play that has a ton of great monologues, but none that are great for you, recommend that play to your friends! Hopefully, your friends will be doing the same things for you as well. While you should be preparing well in advance for your auditions, that’s just not always possible. In the really odd chance that you have only a short time to prepare for an audition, go ahead and go to a monologue book, just make sure you actually read the play that the monologue comes from (and make sure it actually comes from a play!). You must know the entire context in which the monologue is spoken by the character in the play. Also, you should always assume that the directors you're auditioning for have either read or have even directed the play that your monologue comes from! Be prepared to talk about it during your callback! Again, monologues books are a last resort for finding monologues. You should be reading plays all the time to find your monologues.
Any tips for putting a general audition package together?
This one is about the best one I've seen: But you should compare it to this one:
Will there be a place to warm-up/stretch?
Yes. The holding room will also double as a room where actors can warm-up, stretch, etc.
What happens if I mess up and need to start again?
Nothing. Literally. However, we won't stop and restart the stopwatch, so don't be surprised if you go over your time.
What happens if I go over my 60 or 90 seconds?
The time keeper will call out "Time" and, if you are singing, the accompanist will simply remove their hands from the keyboard. If you continue your piece after either or both of these things have occurred, the time keeper will continue to call "Time" louder and more forcefully until you stop. You won't be "disqualified". Simply return to your chair and wait until your group is excused from the room.
What type of dress is expected of the auditions?
Look professional, polished and tasteful – as if you were going on a job interview. Revealing and/or eye-catching clothes that take away from your face are not in your best interest. Also, be aware that you will be auditioning on a raised stage and that the directors will be in the audience looking up at you at an angle. Likewise, your hair should be fixed in such a way as to keep it out of your face.
Can I change into dance clothes after my audition?
Yes, but you will not be allowed a great deal of time to do this. As soon as your group is excused from the audition room, you should immediately change into your dance clothing and report to the dance room. Treat this more as a professional audition and less of a time to hang out with your friends and you should get the right idea.
Do I have to attend the dance auditions?
If you sing as part of your audition, you are required to attend the dance auditions.
Can I ONLY attend the dance auditions?
Not at this time.
Do I need special shoes to dance in?
If the show is a "tap show," you should be prepared with tap shoes. Otherwise, you should wear shoes that you can dance in. Generally speaking, hard-soled character shoes (that have not been worn at all “on the street”) are recommended. To clarify: You will not be allowed to wear your street shoes (this means any pair of shoes that has actually been worn as an actual article of clothing in your wardrobe, even if they are your “dress shoes”) in the dance studio. If you don’t show up with extra shoes, you will be doing the dance callback in your socks.
What happens after I audition? Will there be callbacks?
After the audition, there will be an immediate dance callback (required if you sang as part of your audition). After the dance callback, a general callback list will be posted both online and on the callboard outside the theatre.
Are the callbacks at set times?
Yes. Generally, callbacks will be the following evening. These will be posted on the Online Callboard:
What do the callbacks consist of?
Details for each production's callbacks will be set by the director. These will also be posted ahead of the auditions at
What happens if I miss the time block for my assigned number?
If that happens, please contact the Auditions Stage Manager. Their contact information should be made available to you via your audition confirmation email. If possible, make your way safely to the theatre and check-in with the Stage Manager and alert them as to the reason for your missing your assigned time. Every effort will be made to work you into the auditions at the end of the evening.
What do I do after the auditions and callbacks are over?
Send a thank you note to the directors! Get into this habit right now! If you know the director's (or Artistic Director's or Producer's or Casting Director's) email address, send them an email with a really nice, personal note thanking them for the opportunity to work with them and that you hope to get a chance to do so. If you were fortunate enough to get a callback, make sure that you mention something specific that happened in the callback to make yourself memorable. You should always include a digital copy of your headshot/resume with this thank you email. If you don't have their email address, you will most certainly have (or at least have access to) their company's mailing address. So, send them an actual hand-written thank-you card. If you have the time (and/or money), you might consider having some tasteful thank-you cards printed that also include your headshot and, at bare minimum, your contact information (website, voicemail number, and email address).
When and where will the final cast lists be posted?
Final Cast Lists will be posted on the callboard just outside the Potter Theatre Stage Door and on the Online Callboard ( as soon after callbacks as is feasible for the directors. Please understand that there are sometimes mitigating circumstances that prevent this from happening in as timely a manner as we'd all like. Your patience is appreciated.