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 Mice and Men Pic

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

 Directed By: Dallas Henry

October 3-5, 9-11 2014   |   Potter Hall Theatre

“Guys like us, that work on ranches, are the loneliest guys in the world. They got no family. They don’t belong no place… With us it ain’t like that. We got a future. We got somebody to talk to that gives a damn about us.”

Of Mice And Men tells the story of two migrant farm workers in the USA, who go in search of new pastures, in the hope of attaining their shared dream: settling down on their own piece of land.

The pair are no strangers to trouble and they soon find themselves reeling from the fall out of an innocent misunderstanding which spirals out of control and leaves the two men, bound together by friendship, facing an earth-shattering decision.

Of Mice And Men is one of the classic stories of the twentieth century written and adapted for the stage by America’s greatest novelist, John Steinbeck.


The Pirates of Penzance or The Slave of Duty  by Gilbert & Sullivan

Directed by  Donald Lillie

November 13-16 2014   |   Potter Hall Theatre

“I am the very model of a modern major general!”


Need we say more? Hilarity abounds in Gilbert and Sullivan’s most beloved comic operetta, The Pirates of Penzance. Sentimental pirates, bumbling policeman, dim-witted youth, wide-eyed daughters, and an eccentric Major General, all morally bound to the ridiculous dictates of honor and duty. Sail away with us as we embark on a hilarious and magical voyage you’ll never forget. Ahoy!


   Three Days of Rain Pic

Three Days of Rain by Richard Greenberg

Student Directed by Christian Allison

February 13-15, 19-21, 2015  |  Kemper Recital Hall (Located in the Spratt Hall building.)

Pulitzer finalist by Tony Award winning author Richard Greenberg.  The play centers on Walker, his sister Nan, and their childhood friend Pip, who all meet in an unoccupied loft in lower Manhattan in 1995 to divide the legacy of their late fathers, who were partners in a renowned architecture firm.

In an effort to bring some peace to their own lives, the three search for clues that might explain what had gone on between their fathers, and the women in their lives, decades before. The story then shifts to that earlier time, with the same three actors portraying members of the previous generation in the same loft, during the fateful 1960 “three days of rain,” which gives the play its title.

Urinetown Pic

Urinetown Book and Lyrics by Greg Kotis &

Music and lyrics by Mark Hollman

Directed by Tee Quillin

April 2-4,10-12 2015  |   Potter Hall Theatre


One of the most uproariously funny musicals in recent years, Urinetown is a hilarious tale of greed, corruption, love, and revolution in a time when water is worth its weight in gold. In a Gotham–like city, a terrible water shortage — caused by a 20–year drought — has led to a government–enforced ban on private toilets. The citizens must use public amenities, regulated by a single malevolent company that profits by charging admission for one of humanity’s most basic needs. Amid the people, a hero decides he’s had enough, and plans a revolution to lead them all to freedom! Inspired by the works of Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill, Urinetown is an irreverently humorous satire in which no one is safe from scrutiny. Praised for reinvigorating the very notion of what a musical could be, Urinetown catapults the “comedic romp” into the new millennium with its outrageous perspective, wickedly modern wit, and sustained ability to produce gales of unbridled laughter.