Department of Theatre, Cinema & Dance



Dr. Thompson E. Potter Theater



Potter Hall Theater

Potter Hall Theater

This 430-seat theatre venue is home to all mainstage theatre productions and is fully equipped with sound, lighting, fly rail and a fully operational hydraulic orchestra pit. Dressing rooms and green room are located underneath the theatre for easy access.

Facility Specifications:

  • Seating Capacity 430
  • Proscenium Opening 38’8”
  • Proscenium Height 15’9”
  • Grid Height 35’
  • Apron 10’8”
  • Curtain Line to Cyclorama 36’9”
  • Stage Area 65’2” wide x 36’8” deep
  • Usable Space 86’6” wide x 45’9” deep
  • (2) Large Dressing Rooms
  • (2) Small Practice/Dressing Rooms (on stage)
  • (1) Isolated Lighting Booth
  • (1) In-house Sound Booth



For further information or reservation inquiry regarding Potter Hall Theater, please contact Michael Scroggs at


Black Box Theater


The Black Box Theatre is located on the first floor of the Potter Hall building. In the past, this versatile space has been used primarily for student-run workshop productions. However, it currently serves as the home of the dance program, with a full wall of mirrors, and a special non-slip dance floor. The Black Box lends itself to manipulation and creativity, allowing productions to experiment with the staging and audience layout. The space is equipped with lighting and sound, and can be used as a classroom, dance studio, or performance venue.



Scene Shop


Potter Hall Scene Shop

Potter Hall Scene Shop

The Scene Shop is located directly behind the Potter Stage. The shop is fully functional, containing equipment for woodworking and metal fabricating, scenic art needs, and construction of motion control systems. The scene shop on average produces four complete sets for our mainstage productions during the year. A loading dock located directly behind the shop makes for easy access.






Costume Shop


Located in the newly renovated basement of Potter Theatre, the Costume Shop is fully equipped with industry-standard machines and excellent resources for cutting, patterning, construction and finishing, fittings, and storage. The shop is busy all year round, not only with departmental productions but also with classes.


Hearnes Studio Sound Stage


Hearnes Studio Sound Stage

Hearnes Studio Sound Stage

The main studio located in Hearnes Center is available for both faculty and students to use for their projects and has a set, green screen for special effects and a computerized lighting grid.








The Equipment Cage


Equipment Cage

Equipment Cage

The cage located on the second floor of Potter Hall. It is used to house all production equipment available to students. The “Cage” has a variety of cameras, audio equipment, lighting equipment, etc. for all video shoots.


See available equipment.




Potter 200 Computer Lab


Most cinema production courses take place in our state-of-the-art media lab that is equipped with a total of 19 Mac edit stations running the latest versions of Final Cut Studio and the Adobe Creative Suite. It has an HD projection screen that has blueray viewing capabilities. Students get extensive hands-on experience with these systems in all of the production courses.


Potter Edit and Sound Suites


Students have access to two full HD editing suites and a Pro Tools HD-3 Recording studio, including full surround sound.


Potter Hall Additional Computer Labs


Potter Hall also has computer media labs located on the first and second floor that are accessible to any student at Missouri Western State University.


GISC 113 Screening Room


GISC Screening Room

GISC Screening Room

Brand new facility located in the Griffon Indoor Sports Complex that offers state-of-the-art viewing and sound capabilities. Seating Capacity is 120.








Kemper Recital Hall (Leah Spratt 101)


Kemper Recital Hall

Kemper Recital Hall

This room is located in Leah Spratt Hall with a seating capacity of 232 and has the capabilities of being a recital hall as well as a screening room with a large video projection screen and surround sound capabilities. This is primarily used for small concerts, film festivals and as a large lecture hall.







Hearnes Theatre 102


This screening room is a quiet room in Hearnes with a seating capacity of 119 that has a large video projection screen and fixed work station and is used primarily as a room to screen films and provide lectures.