Testing Center

MoGEA Testing

Free Preparation Workshop

For more information visit www.missouriwestern.edu/cas/workshops/.


Register for the MoGEA online at http://www.mo.nesinc.com/.


The MoGEA test will be given in Spratt Hall 212. Visitor parking is available in Lot C near the building for non-Missouri Western students. Look for the “Cronkite and Visitor Parking” signs.

You can find a campus map here: https://aps1.missouriwestern.edu/map/index.asp. You should plan to be here at least 15 minutes prior to the test start time.

Sitting Fee

In addition to the $49 (or $25 for a subtest) paid online to MoGEA, a $25 sitting fee for the full test (or $5 per subtest) must be paid to Missouri Western when checking in for the test.


Five hours for all five subject tests or one hour for a single subtest.  The five subject tests are:

  • English Language Arts: 40 multiple-choice questions
  • Writing: 1 written assignment
  • Mathematics: 40 multiple-choice questions
  • Science: 40 multiple-choice questions
  • Social Studies: 40 multiple-choice questions

Passing Score

Examinees must pass all five subtests:

  • English Language Arts: 203
  • Writing: 193
  • Mathematics: 183
  • Science: 183
  • Social Science: 183

Test Framework


If you require accommodations please contact Tammy Glise at 271-4194 or by email at tglise@missouriwestern.edu

What to Bring

  • Government-issued photo ID (Student ID will NOT be accepted)
  • Water (Clear bottle only)
  • Sitting fee (exact change in cash or check or money order)

What NOT to Bring

  • Calculator. No calculators are permitted.
  • Tobacco products
  • Visitors, including children, other relatives or friends
  • Weapons of any kind
    Any personal items that you bring to the test site must be stored in a designated secure area. This includes watches, wallets, and purses in addition to the following items:
  • Cell phones
  • Electronic communication devices, visual or audio recording or listening devices, scanning devices, or any device with an on/off option, including, but not limited to, MP3 players, PDAs, pagers, computers, CDs, removable storage devices, calculator watches, clocks or watches with alarms, spellcheckers, etc.
  • Unauthorized calculators and calculator manuals
  • Handwritten or printed materials such as dictionaries, notebooks, scratch paper, textbooks, etc.
  • Packages and bags of any kind, such as backpacks, briefcases, etc.
  • Hats or headwear, except for those being worn for religious or medical purposes
  • Food and drink, including chewing gum, except for water in a clear bottle
  • Unauthorized aids such as slide rulers, rulers, translation aids, highlighters, etc.
  • Unauthorized medical devices such as inhalers, Epinephrine injections, etc., unless prior approval has been obtained