Study Away

  • Portland, Oregon – July 6-13, 2017

    PSC 398: Sustainable Governance in American Cities

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  • Quebec, Canada – Summer 2018

    Travel Program in French-Speaking Country

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  • England – May 2018

    There will be a focus on the Harry Potter books and movies, as well as on live theatre.

    This trip is open to students from all areas (with instructor approval) as an elective.

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  • Europe – June 27-July 9, 2017

    COM 499: Environmental Communication
    Join the Green Tour: England, Scotland, Norway and Iceland

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  • Telecom Saint-Etienne

    France: Télécom Exchange Program

    Missouri Western offers a semester-long exchange program for students in computer science, mathematics and engineering technology.

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Welcome to Study Away! Learn more about opportunities to study in new and interesting places, all while progressing toward your degree at Missouri Western.

It is our goal to help you find the program that best suits your academic, financial, and personal needs.

Statistics compiled by the University of California-Merced show that students who participate in travel study opportunities are 90% more likely than others to be accepted by their first or second choice graduate school; 19% more likely to reach graduation than other students; and average 25% higher salaries in their first jobs. Following graduation, 97% of alumni find a job within a year of graduation. Employers indicate that they value the adaptability of students who have spent time abroad.

If you think you are interested in studying away, please complete the inquiry form and we will contact you to discuss your opportunities.

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