Office of Student Employment


General and Specific Requirements

All students shall complete new student orientation within the first week of employment.  The orientation seeks to provide an overview of the policies and procedures as described in the Student Employee Handbook, as well as required state and federal policies guiding University employees.  The orientation also assists students in the on-boarding process, providing a smoother transition into their roles as on campus employees , communicating expectations for University employees; including what is appropriate vs. inappropriate behavior, and the consequences of actions and behaviors deemed inappropriate by University standards.

Students may also be required to participate in individual orientations deemed necessary in order to perform their  job duties and responsibilities.  Supervisors will be responsible for departmental-specific training and communicating each student’s individual job duties and responsibilities, as well as department-specific guidelines and expectations.


*Until an online orientation module is developed (currently the process is under review), supervisors shall be responsible for the orientation of their new student employees.