Student Employment

Posting a Job

GriffonLink Profile Creation for employers:

This is a step-by-step guide to demonstrate to employers how to sign up for GriffonLink, Missouri Western State Universities’ job search board.

For downloadable version click the links below:

How to Create A profile:


How To Navigate GriffonLink :


How To Post A New Job:


How To Editing/Re-posting a job and reporting a new hire:


Step 1:

Click the “Main Menu” button from


Alternative to Step 1:

As an alternative, click the link below or type the address in the address/URL bar and skip to step 6.

Step 2:

Click the “A-Z Index” button from the Quicklinks dropdown menu.


Step 3:

Click the “C” below the A-Z Index.


Step 4:

Click the “Career Development” button. This will take you to the Career Development home page.


Step 5:

Click the “GriffonLink Login” under the “Employers” dropdown menu.


Step 6:

Click the “Click here to register!” button in order to sign up located at


Step 7:

Type your company name in the “Find Your Organization” search field and follow the instructions provided. If your company name is not listed, click the “Can’t Find Your Organization” button and this will take you to a page to register your company with us.


You may add a job after registering, but the job will be pending until the administration at the MWSU Office of Student Employment has verified the posting. To verify the job posting, you may contact the MWSU Office of Student Employment at 816-271-4292.

You may edit a job once posted. After editing your job, please allow 24 hours for the change to take place. If the change has not occurred after 24 hours, you may contact the MWSU Office of Student Employment to let them know that a change has occurred to your job posting. If you do not let administration know after the 24 hour period, your job posting may still be in the pending process. Contact the MWSU Office of Student Employment at 816-271-4292.