Student Employment



Student Employment is located in the Career Development Center and is responsible for connecting students to meaningful job opportunities while seeking a degree. Student’s can work a variety of jobs both on and off-campus. All student employment opportunities, both on and off-campus, are posted and can be applied for through Griffons4Hire, the University’s 24/7 Online Career Management Portal.

Students can post their resume and have it reviewed by a certified Career Mentor in the Career Development Center. Students can easily navigate Griffons4Hire searching for on-campus student employment and then submit their student employment application and/or resume to any on-campus or federal work-study position that interests them. Off-campus part-time, full-time, internships, co-ops and seasonal career opportunities are also posted in Griffons4Hire.

When you are employed while completing your degree you can work to achieve:

  • A steady source of earned income to help you finance or supplement your educational costs; the average student employee hourly rate of pay during the academic year 2014-2015 was $8.24.
  • Opportunities to engage in career exploration, workforce development and develop workforce career preparedness skills.
  • Real world of work experience, learn valuable transferable skills you will need to reach your career goals after you graduate.
  • Opportunities as a member of a workforce where you will actively contribute to the growth and development of MWSU and to the economic development of the surrounding communities.