Student Employment

Welcome to the Career Development Center's Griffons4Hire Career Management Portal

We’re glad you’re here.  We invite you to find some student employment program resources at MWSUs Career Development Center featuring services & resources; Griffons4Hire Career Management Portal or at the specific offices below.
The Student Employment Program is a decentralized service at Missouri Western State University (MWSU). The team in the Career Development Center team manages one of the four functional areas offered in the as elements of student employment to MWSU students.  The four offices which manage a portion of student employment include;
  • Human Resources is responsible for managing all of the MWSU employee paperwork, managing employee communications, performance appraisal documentation, compensation structures and position brackets as well as employee training and/or funds related to training services. The Human Resources contact is 816-271-4587, located in Popplewell Hall Room 117.


  • Financial Aid is responsible for managing all of the Federal Work-Study (FWS) funds and processes, student financial aid banner related training, full-time university employer training and documentation for financial aid processes, questions regarding FWS and funding allocations. The Financial Aid contact is 816-271-4361 located in Eder Hall Room 103.


  • Business Office is responsible for managing the time input and employee compensation, payroll, and processes related to fiscal accountability. The Business Office contact is 816-271-4324 located in Eder Hall Room 104.


  • Career Development Center is responsible for managing MWSUs Griffons4Hire Career Management Portal (Griffons4Hire), which is the University’s 24/7 Online Career Management & Employment Portal. The University requires employers to post student job opportunities using the Griffons4Hire Portal. The Career Development contact is 816-271-4292 located in Eder Hall Room 202.

The Career Development Center & Griffons4Hire Offer:

o Students have their own profile on the Griffons4Hire Portal which provides the ability to post their resume for viewing by internal and external employers
o Ability to contribute to the growth and development of MWSU and be a part of the economic development of the surrounding communities. Career Mentor paraprofessionals who assist customers in the Center. These student employees are available during business hours to assist students and employers with navigating the array of resources and services.
o Access to Career Events, the Resource Library, Template Resumes, Employment Opportunities, Faculty, Staff, Student and Employer Connections, Online Career Coaching, Career Spots – tips to career strategy, career pathing, employability and job search success presented in short online video clips.
o Students actively engaged in a degree and are employed achieve:
o A steady source of earned income.
o Opportunities to engage in career & talent development seminars and workshops, develop as stronger employees in the workforce using career preparedness resources and honing skills.
o Real world of work experience, learn valuable transferable skills applicable for career goals post-graduation.