The Missouri Western State University College Completion Team
was formed in March 2014 in an effort to:

  • Gather the campus community to develop strategies that promote persistence, progression and graduation.
  • Regularly evaluate student success, satisfaction and engagement and develop processes for continuous improvement.
  • Create efficient work groups to ensure multiple initiatives can progress simultaneously.
  • Allow conversations to be focused and intentional.

Their roles are:

  • Manges student success across the student lifecycle.
  • Uses data to inform creation of sub-committees and establish goals and priorities.  
  • Provides oversight across sub-committees.
  • Reviews proposed policy changes initiated from sub-committees or other institutional committees. Advises on next steps.  

Steering Committee as of 2021
Chair Dr. Melissa Mace, Vice President of Enrollment Management
Members Dr. Angela Grant
Theresa Grosbach
Dr. Elise Hepworth
Darrell Morrison

2021 Steering Committee

Melissa Mace

Dr. Melissa Mace
Vice President of Enrollment Management

Angela Grant

Dr. Angela Grant
Institutional Research Analyst

Teresa Grosbach

Theresa Grosbach
Associate Athletic Director / Senior Woman Administrator

Elise Hepworth

Dr. Elise Hepworth
Interim Vice Provost/Professor

Darrell Morrison

Darrell Morrison
Vice President of Finance and Administration