Performance evaluations provide students with both positive reinforcement and constructive criticism of their performances. The evaluation is also a valuable tool when preparing letters of recommendation for student employees. Please allow time to review each student’s evaluation with them, providing ample time for additional feedback.

Supervisors should complete performance evaluations for their student’s at least once a year (more if desired) to maintain compliance with University student employment policy (see Student Employment Supervisor’s Manual, Sec. 3.1 Performance Evaluations). Also, student employees must have a current performance evaluation on file in order to receive any pay increase. The evaluation must show the student merits a pay increase (Meets or Exceeds Job Expectations is an overall score of 2 or higher).

Note: A student should never be too surprised when they receive an less than satisfactory performance evaluation. On-campus employment is a learning experience and must be treated as such. If a student is upset, please take a moment to explain areas for improvement, providing examples of how they have not met job expectations (this may be a time to review their original job description, duties, and expectations), then work with them to develop a plan for improvement.

Please fill out the evaluation below for each student. After submitting, you will receive a notification email confirming receipt of the evaluation, along with a copy of the evaluation results. You may want to also print a copy to keep in your student employee’s file. You may choose to email the student a copy of the results or print a copy for their records also. Again, be sure to review the evaluation results with each student employee. The Offices of Human Resources and Student Employment will also each receive notices of completion, along with results.



  • All characteristics may not apply to each student because of the great diversity in the opportunities for employment; therefore, if a category cannot be rated OBJECTIVELY, please mark the "NOT OBSERVED/NOT APPLICABLE " box.
  • Achieves satisfactory results for duties and tasks completed.
  • Works effectively and efficiently; tasks done in a timely manner; handles multiple tasks well.
  • Care of equipment, observation of department policy and procedures.
  • Understands the assigned duties and tasks.
  • Job completion; ability to get things done; conscientiousness.
  • Enthusiastic and willing to perform job duties and tasks.
  • Punctual and reliable in attendance; completes assigned duties and tasks.
  • Interacts well with others in the office; conducts him/herself professionally.
  • Interest in assuming added responsibilities.
  • Demonstrates leadership abilities.
  • Demonstrates time management skills; understands the importance of maintaining high academic achievement while managing work and outside, co-curricular involvement; informs supervisor of any situations that need to be addressed regarding academic progress.
  • Please use this to add any additional comments or comments provided by your student employee.
Career advising is a dynamic, interactive process that ‘helps students understand how their personal interests, abilities, and values might predict success in the academic and career fields they are considering and how to form their academic and career goals accordingly’ (Gordon, 2006, p. 12). It is a process aimed at helping students effectively use information about themselves (e.g., interests, abilities, values, strengths) and the options available (e.g., majors, occupations, internships). Through the process, students integrate this information to set goals, make academic and career decisions, and develop plans to make meaning of their goals and decisions.” (Hughey & Hughey, 2009, p. 6)
Yes, all enrolled students and graduates of MWSU are able to take advantage of the services provided by the career center.
Yes! Please visit our office during scheduled walk-in hours, or call us to make an appointment and speak with a career advisor. We regularly schedule Career and Self-Assessment Workshops (CSAW’s) that help students identify their interests, skills, values, and personality and, with the guidance of a career counselor, you may connect the information you have gathered about yourself to possible majors and career.
Both on-campus and off-campus student employment opportunities are posted in Handshake. Students can access through their Goldlink profile.
No, we are not a placement office. However, we can provide you with various job searching tools necessary to conduct a proactive, strategic search in a highly competitive job market.
Yes, you can schedule an appointment to have a counselor review your resume. We DO NOT write the resume for you, rather we offer suggestions for improvement.

The best way to prepare for an interview is to research the company, review traditional and behavioral interview questions, and participate in mock interviews. You can schedule a mock interview by calling the career center.

MWSU students can also practice their interview skills at anytime with our virtual mock interview training system, Big Interview.

An informational interview is one way to get information regarding different occupations. Whether participating in a face-to-face discussion or phoning a professional in the field in which you are interested will give you a “heads-up” on the pros and cons of the profession, the qualifications needed, and may even provide a networking opportunity for you.

View events, including job fairs on the Career Services homepage. Career Services also sends emails to all students regarding events and will post announcements in the Griffon Weekly online publication.