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Mike Ritter has served as the Accessibility Resource Center Coordinator at MWSU since 2004. Mike is a certified ADA Coordinator and a member of the Association on Higher Education and Disability. The primary focus of Mike’s work is to identify barriers that prevent students with disabilities from having equal access to the same opportunities readily available to their peers and removing those barriers through various processes, including academic adjustments and auxiliary aids. Mike views the work of disability services through the lens of social justice and his work is primarily informed by Explore Access.

Lindsey Smith has served as the Testing Coordinator in the Griffon Testing Center since 2015. Lindsey’s expertise is in identifying and removing barriers from quizzes and exams. The primary objective of the Griffon Testing Center is to ensure students are only being tested on their knowledge of the course material and not being tested on their ability to overcome inaccessible testing designs and procedures that prevent their full participation.

Michelle Traster has served as the Adaptive Technology Specialist at MWSU since 2011. Although Michelle is not officially a member of the Accessibility Resource Center, we claim her as our own. Michelle’s expertise is in removing barriers through the use of technology. She works with instructors to make their course content and class materials more accessible and she teaches students with disabilities how to utilize assistive/adaptive/accessible technology.

Jan Kobzej has served as a Counselor for the State of Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Division of Vocational Rehabilitation for many years. Jan is an excellent community resource, providing disability evaluations and financial assistance to qualified students.


As a student with a disability transitioning out of the public school system and into the post-secondary (college/university) environment, your rights and responsibilities change dramatically. The Office for Civil Rights has published an excellent document to help students understand their rights and responsibilities as a college student with a disability. We encourage you to read Students with Disabilities Preparing for Postsecondary Education: Knowing Your Rights and Responsibilities this document prior to contacting the Accessibility Resource Center. Once you have read this document, you are now prepared to make contact with our department.

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