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Visiting Artist/Entrepreneur/Road Warrior Lucas Spivey will be speaking next Tuesday 9/17 at 11am at the Kemper Recital Hall (Spratt 101) as part of the Visiting Artist Lecture Series, generously supported by the MWSU Foundation Grant. Lucas Spivey’s lecture is titled “Culture Hustlers”, where he shares the stories of a new generation of creators, designers, performers, of the next generation of American artists he came across during his travels across the United States.

Lucas Spivey is the founder of Culture Hustler, a school/workshop model that builds a creative business in one year through podcasts and documentaries. (https://www.culturehustlers.com/school)

Spivey also travels around the 48 States in the Mobile Incubator, a hand-built broadcast studio inside a ‘57 camper towed by a ‘73 ambulance, where he sat down with thousands of artists, performers, writers, designers, makers, and other entrepreneurs. The Mobile Incubator brings communities together to have conversations inside mobile public art! Spivey collect stories for a podcast and video series showing a diversity of ideas. (https://www.culturehustlers.com/incubator)

Check out the trailer for Culture Hustlers here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=87&v=8QNZYmOD_tE
Culture Hustlers is a docu-series and podcast that tells the story of artists, performers, writers, designers, and cultural entrepreneurs. Directed by Andrés Bronnimann, the series follows BFA/MBA Lucas Spivey as he travels 30,000 miles across the US in the Mobile Incubator.

To find out more about Lucas and his work, visit his CV/website: http://lucasspivey.com/about

Any questions, please email kliao@missouriwestern.edu