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The following PORTAL projects will be presented at the showcase.

These projects were funded by Academic Affairs, the Missouri Western Foundation, and the National Science Foundation. Please plan to attend and support these students and their faculty mentors. If you conducted student-faculty research or creative projects not listed here in the summer of 2019 and would like to participate, contact Brian Cronk (cronk@missouriwestern.edu)

  • 2019 TCD Summer Internship Video
  • Advancing metabolic engineering with in vitro gene expression and microfluidics (multiple posters)
  • Characterization of DegQ protease, a bacterial analog to a pregnancy related serine protease (Htra3)
  • Chemical warfare in the plant world: how do invasive species relying on the synthesis of secondary allelopathic metabolites compete out natives in Missouri habitats?
  • Constructing Quality Early Childhood Education
  • Criminal Justice Bachelors Degree Alumni Study
  • Discovery and Characterization of New Antimicrobial Compounds
  • Establishment of a Longterm Water Quality Dataset for MWSU Aquatic Ecosystems
  • Establishment of Reverse Genetics Systems for Human Clinical Isolates of Influenza A Virus
  • Gender, Political Party, and the Evaluation of Political Speeches
  • Investigating the phylogeny and biogeography (evolutionary relationships and diversification) of two ecologically and economically interesting plant groups: the Lamioid mints (Family: Lamiaceae) and the North American Agalinis (“False foxgloves”-Family: Orobanchaceae)
  • Memories in Print: Forecasting the Future of College Yearbooks
  • Neural Network Design for the Identification of SRp40 ESE Genetic Sequence Motif
  • Physical Activity in Transgender Adults
  • Project GG: A Launchpad for Interdisciplinary Game Development Projects
  • Reliability Modeling of an Internet of Things (IoT) System for Healthcare
  • Student Motives for Communicating with Students and Relationships with Classroom Climate and Behaviors
  • Survey of the Fishes of Otoe Creek
  • Taphonomy and Fossilization Potential of Modern Domestic Avifaunal Remains
  • The Effect of Prebiotics on Susceptibility to Experimental Colitis in Mice
  • Transforming the Cityscape: South St Joseph Mural Project
  • Untangling Native and Invasive Ant Genotypes