Staff Association

New Hires

October 2015 Hires:
Halie Sloan, Custodian- Physical Plant
Suzan Piercy, University Police Officer- University Police Department
Michael Hindhaugh, Academic Computing Technician- IMC

September 2015 Hires:
Jeffery Moore, Custodian- Physical Plant
Jared Greer, Key Access Specialist/Assistant Locksmith- Physical Plant
Fumi Cheever, Assistant Director- International Recruitment and Student Services- Student Affairs
Tara Vides, Administrative Coordinator- Dean of Professional Studies
Shawn Becker, Head of Tennis Coach- Athletics

August 2015 Hires:
Angie Brunk- Information Services Librarian: Instruction- Library
Brandon Card- Instructional Technologist- IMC
Andrea Keller- Admissions/Advisement Coordinator- Nursing
Rhonda Brown- Developmental Mathematics Specialist- CSMP
Julie Hansbrough- Developmental Mathematics Specialist- CSMP
Andrew Baxley- Admissions Counselor- Admissions
Anne Lech- Intensive English Specialist- Western Institute
Dana Witkowski- Custodian- Physical Plant

July 2015 Hires:
William Arnold- Math Coordinator- Center for Academic Support
Roberta Foster- Admissions Counselor- Admissions
Rachel Graves- Development Officer- Development
Christi Waggoner- Academic Advisor- Craig School of Business
Matt Whipple- Applications/Dual Credit Support Specialist- Western Institute
Mark Zuptich- Fleet Manager- Physical Plant

June 2015 Hires:
Ellen Kaasik- Residence Hall Director- Residential Life
Scott Groner- Athletic Facilities Coordinator- Athletics
Jacob Sloan- Residence Hall Director- Residential Life
Pamela Esely- Administrative Coordinator- Student Health Center
Janet Lines- Administrative Support Assistant- University Police Department
Jean Foster- Administrative Assistant- Career Development
Andy Ball- Assistant Football Coach- Athletics
Sue Myers- Manager of ITS- Contracts, Procurement and Telephone Services- IT
Jesse White- Graduate Records Coordinator- Registrar’s Office
Elliot Swope- Video Communications Specialist- IMC

May 2015 Hires:
Tiffany Crawford, Administrative Assistant, Financial Aid Office

March 2015 Hires:
Alexandra Owens, Content Tutor Coordinator, Center for Academic Support
Cheryl Silkett, Custodian, Physical Plant
Dan Stevens, Academic Advisor, Academic Affairs
Susan Barnes, Administrative Support Assistant, Physical Plant

February 2015 Hires:
Shelle Browning – Administrative Coordinator – Physical Plant
Michael Moore – Custodian – Physical Plant

January 2015 Hires:
Connie Brock – Executive Associate to the President – President’s Office
Doug Davenport – Associate Provost for Research, Planning, & Institutional Effectiveness – Academic Affairs
Ann Rahmat – Director of International Recruitment & Global Engagement – Student Affairs
Emily Lehman – Administrative Assistant – Contracts/Assignments for Residential Life
Adriann Dunn – Financial Aid Coordinator – Financial Aid
Shelle Browning – Administrative Coordinator – Physical Plant

October 2014 Hires:
Angela Wilson – Custodian – Physical Plant
Stacey Bowen moved into the Director of Center for Success in Mathematics position for the Math Department