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The Board of Governors is the umbrella for Missouri Western State University. The board meets ten times a year setting policies and procedures for the University as a whole. The Student Governor Position formally Student Regent is a unique position for a student that has four remaining semesters. This position is a gubernatorial appoint by The Governor of the Great State of Missouri including the seven citizen members. The appoint procedure starts on Missouri Western’s campus. There is a selected pool of highly qualified students that go through an application and interview process. The selection committee consists of the current Student Governor, SGA President, four at-large students from the student body and one student senate representative. No staff or university administration is represented the decision of the committee rests solely on the students. The student committee chooses three students from the pool of candidates. Consultation is sought from the Missouri Western’s External Affairs office for state representation. The three candidate’s applications are sent to the Director of Boards and Commissions in Jefferson City, Missouri. Each candidate is represented by their Congressional District Senator. An interview with the Boards and Commissions takes place at our state capital in Jefferson City, Missouri. The Governor reviews suggestions on all three candidates and selects one name for a Senate Confirmation Hearing. That candidate is then present for the hearing; is presented with questions; while represented by their Congressional District Senator. The Senate Committee approves or disapproves the selection. When the selection is approved by Senate in Jefferson City the decision is final. The Student Governor is sworn in at the next Board of Governors session, by the Circuit Court Judge representing Northwest Missouri. The Student Governor is the only representative for the entire student body and holds the power of not a vote, but of the voice of the students.
Past and Current Members
  • 1985 Robert “R.J” Claassen
  • 1986 Rodney Hill
  • 1988 Melanie Johnson
  • 1990 Anita Chancey
  • 1992 Kevin Hayes
  • 1994 Micky Mayes
  • 1996 Kwanza Humphrey
  • 1998 Kerri Clark
  • 2000 Taylor Crouse
  • 2002 Kevin Callaway
  • 2004 Robert Hughs
  • 2006 Harold C. Callaway III
  • 2008 Dillon Harp
  • 2010 Peter Gregory
  • 2012 Brian Shewell
  • 2014 Lionel Attawia
  • 2016 Joseph Kellogg