Student Government Association


What does the acronyms SGA stand for?
SGA stands for Student Government Association.
How do you become an SGA Senator?
To be elected a student has to be a full time student and have a 2.25 cumulative grade point average. The candidate has to gather 100 student signatures and then be elected. When not election time a student can attend three SGA meetings and if not all 20 senate seats are filled they can be voted in by the senate. If all seats are filled they can become an Associate Senator after attending three meetings.
Where and when are meetings?
  • SGA senate meets Mondays at 5:30pm Blum Union 220.
Can anyone come to a senate meeting?
Yes, there is a gallery for students to sit at and observe the meetings.
Can anyone write a bill?
Yes, you do not have to be in SGA to write a bill.
What are some benefits of becoming a senator?
Being a senator is a great resume builder! It gives students a chance to become more active on campus, and to make new friends. Most importantly students can make a difference and be the main voting body of the SGA.
What is an Associate Senator?
Members of the student body become associate senators when all twenty SGA senate positions are filled. Associate senators are nonvoting members.
How does SGA support WAC?
SGA funds 25% of the SGA budget to Western Activities Council (WAC) to provide programs and events for students.
What happens if a senator misses more than three meetings?
Any SGA senator maybe removed from the SGA senate if he/she has three unexcused absences.
What are the required qualifications for SGA President and SGA Executive Vice President?
Candidate must have attended MWSU for at least two full semesters prior to the semester in which the election is held. He/she must have a 3.0 G.P.A. and plan to enroll as a full-time student during his/her term of office.