Student Government Association

Recognized Student Organizations

Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) are important to the function of student body. RSOs are able to apply for funding through the SGA Financial Oversite Committee (FOC) to attend conferences/competitions and take advantage of leadership opportunities. The President of these RSOs have a seat on the Presidents Leadership Council (PLC).

Your completed RSO Application will be processed by the Center for Student Involvment to ensure it meets the correct criteria. The SGA Director of Student Relations will bring the application for review to the Student Relations Senate Committee. Upon approval of Senate it will receive signatures from the President and Vice-President of SGA recognizing your group as an official RSO. You will have access to funding, scheduling facilities, and the ability to recruit members.

Starting/Restarting a Student Organization:

You will need both of the following documents to complete your organizations registration

President’s Leadership Council

Your organization is required to send a representative to the President’s Leadership Council on the 1st Wednesday of each month in the Spring & Fall Semesters.

RSO Room Reservations:

Registered Student Organizations who need to reserve a room for the semester will need to go to the Center for Student Involvement webpage, click the student organization tab and click the reserve a room tab. You will then be able to reserve a room by filling out the reservation form. If you have any issues, please call (816) 271-4150.