School of Fine Arts

Our Commitment

The faculty and staff of the School of Fine Arts are committed to:

1. Providing our constituents with a challenging academic environment that promotes risk-taking and facilitates an examination of human values, cultural diversity and social issues;

2. Delivering a curriculum that provides students with a working knowledge of all areas of the visual and performing arts;

3. Educating our students in the general practices and opportunities found in art, music, cinema, theatre, musical theatre and dance in traditional and digital media;

4. Supporting and maintaining active, applied programs where students have the opportunity,  to learn and develop artistic  skills and participate in the wide spectrum of world drama, cinema, dance, music and visual art;

5. Assisting students in the development of a foundation for a career as a performer, musician, artist, designer, dancer, graduate student, educator or professional in an allied field;

6. Teaching the importance of high standards of personal and professional integrity;

7. Contributing to the education, entertainment and cultural life of our community by providing outstanding performances and artistic experiences to the region.