College Insurance & Risk Management

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Property

All college property, and property under the care, custody, and control of MWSU is covered, including leased property. There is a $25,000 per incident deductible, which must be paid by the responsible department. Whenever property is on loan to MWSU, information concerning its description and value must be sent to risk management. In a similar manner, when the personal property of a faculty or staff member is required for college use, information concerning its identification and value must also be reported. Any loss or damage must be documented and must have been the result of an identifiable, unexpected event (not simply neglect or being misplaced). In the case of stolen property, Security must be notified (ext. 4438). Claims for reimbursement should be sent to risk management. Information needed when filing a claim: item description (make/model), inventory number, approximate value, description of incident. Personal property, such as books, photographs, brief cases, and the like are not covered by the college plan.