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Workers' Compensation

Employee Incident/ Injury Report Form/ Workers’ Compensation Form (pdf)

Every Missouri state employee is protected by Workers’ Compensation while on the job, including part-time, temporary, student, and volunteer employees. Coverage begins as soon as you begin your employment. It is the employee’s responsibility to report the injury and complete the Injury Report Form. Benefits may be denied if reporting is delayed or inaccurate. The supervisor is required to sign the report form to ensure the he/she is aware of the incident, and take appropriate corrective measures if a safety hazard exists.

If treatment is needed, the employee, supervisor or Risk Manager must call 800-624-2354 for authorization of medical care unless the injury is life threatening. If it is an emergency situation, the injured employee should proceed immediately to the nearest hospital emergency room. If an ambulance is needed, dial 9-911, then call MWSU Security Office at 271-4438.