It’s time to renew your Residence Hall Contract for 2019-2020! If you plan on returning to MWSU in the fall and wish to live in the halls you may renew your housing contract starting March 18, 2019 by participating in the online session.

Contract Renewal Sessions somewhat “mimic” class level pre-registration for fall classes. Class level is determined by credit hours earned. As in years past, there are several rooms that are off-line and will not be available for re-assignment. Beshears and Juda Hall residents are required to have a minimum of 30 credit hours for super single assignment. Preference for Griffon Hall is given to students at the sophomore, junior, and senior level. In the event Griffon Hall does not fill with sophomores, juniors and seniors, we will then open the hall up for freshmen assignment. As always, we encourage you to remain a member of our residential community by participating in the online sessions for contract renewal!

  • All contract Renewal sessions will be on-line and can be found in your Goldlink account under Student Life Tab.
  • Class level is determined by total earned credit hours at the end of Spring 2019.
  • Only one contract per student.

Sign-Up Steps

  1. Match with your roommate(s). You must match with your roommates before you select a room for roommate requests to be honored. Please see our Roommate Selection Tutorial for instructions on matching roommates. Note: At this time, you are only able to match with other students who are in the Returning Sign-Up process.
  2. Identify sign-up date/time. This requires you look at the Session Schedule below. Find your date/time for sign-up and mark it in your calendar.
  3. On your date:
    1. Fill out the application by logging into My Housing Information. You will see the Fall 2019 Returning Student Application in your Applications drop-down tab. (Tutorial Coming Soon!)
    2. Select your room by going through the room selection link on the main page of My Housing Information. (Tutorial Coming Soon!)

If you run into any issues, please contact our office via phone at 816-383-7100. Thank you for living with us!

Session Schedule

Monday, March 18 – Tuesday, March 19                  9 am – 4 pm            Same Room Sign-Up

  • Returning residents who want to re-contract for their same room as long as the room designation has remained the same.

Wednesday, March 20 – Thursday, March 21          9 am – 4 pm             Academic Achievement Wing

  • Students who are Honors/Golden Griffon who wish to move to honors floor (must have 3.2 GPA). Vaselakos 31-01 to 31-18 

Friday, March 22 – Saturday, March 23                   9 am – 4 pm            Senior Sign-Up

  • Earned credit hours total a minimum of 90 credit hours.

Sunday, March 24 – Monday, March 25                  9 am – 4 pm            Junior Sign-Up

  • Earned credit hours total a minimum of 60 credit hours.

Tuesday, March 26 – Wednesday, March 27           9 am – 4 pm            Sophomore Sign-Up

  • Earned credit hours total a minimum of 30 credit hours.

Thursday, March 28 – Friday, March 29                  9 am – 4 pm            Freshman Sign-Up

  • Earned credit hours total less than 30 credit hours.

Saturday, March 30 – Sunday, March 31                 9 am – 4 pm            Open Session

  • If you missed an earlier session or if you are a currently enrolled student wanting to live on-campus next year.

After March 31, all returning students wanting housing will be placed on a waiting list and processed on a case-by-case basis.