Moving Boxes

Check Out appointments start April 30 and end May 9.

Students must check out with a RA. Follow this easy guide to successfully move and check out of your residence hall room.

Move-Out Checklist


Students should plan to check out 24 hours after their last final. Check outs by appointment will begin on April 30 and continue until Friday, May 7. On Saturday, May 8 (8 am – 6 pm) and Sunday, May 9 (8 am – 12 pm), check-outs will be centralized. On these two days, a prior appointment is not necessary. Simply head to your lobby, and a staff member will assist you.

Walk your floor and building. You can sign-up with any RA. Find an RA that has a time slot that works for you. They will meet you in your room during your check out time.

If you do not return your keys during your check out time, you will be charged for each key not turned in. All swipe and prox keys are $10 each. All hard room and suite keys are $40 each. Mailing a key at a later date will not be accepted. Charges will be added to your student account.

If you are not ready at the time of check out, the RA completing the check out will note this on your Room Condition Report. An improper check out fee (up to $50) may be applied to your account by the Residence Life Coordinator. The RA will then have you contact them when the room is ready for check out.

Students can avoid these common charges by taking time to properly clean and prepare their rooms for check-outs:

  • Cleaning charges – if your room isn’t move-in ready, you will be charged to have MWSU staff clean it.
  • Left behind trash – you are responsible for all garbage in the room. Large dumpsters will be placed in convenient locations around the Residence Halls for trash disposal.
  • Removal of command hooks, nails, and hooks – remember to take these down carefully! They can frequently blend into the wall, and after a year on the wall, they can peel paint and drywall.
  • Leaving without checking out – We understand you want to head out as soon as possible, but you need to check out with an RA.
  • Missing and broken furniture – Residence Life staff made a note of what furniture is in each room. We will notice if it’s missing!

Summer housing is available. Students must have completed a housing application for the 2021-2022 Academic Year and meet one of the following requirements:

  • Enrolled in at least one summer course.
  • Employed on campus for at least 20 hours a week.
  • Participating in a supervised workout program sponsored by Athletics.

Students must log in to My Housing Information and complete the Summer 2021 Housing Application.