Residential Life

Resident Assistant

Resident Assistant Applications are

now live (Multiple Positions)!

Applications due at Noon on February 12. 2018

Interviews will occur on February 19, 2018 between 8:00 am – 4:00 pm.

Interviews will be 30 minute time slots.

A group assessment interview is required and will be occur on February 20 & 22nd from 6 to 8pm. (You are required to attend only 1)  

Please review all of the information below and follow the application steps at the bottom of this page to ensure a successful application is submitted.


Employment dates:

  • August 3rd 2018 – May 12th 2019


  • Wavier for housing costs in the fall and spring semesters
  • Meal stipend (declining $1,600 flex or all access meal plan)
  • $600 monetary stipend per semester (paid in 4 installments)
  • Ability to work additional hours as a desk assistant at $7.85/hour

Job Description:

  • Primary Responsibilities – Includes regularly scheduled meetings, duty rotation (5pm – 8am), on-call hours (8am-5pm), Resident Assistant development training, desk hours, programming, and administrative duties, etc
  • Resident Assistants must maintain open availability on Mondays from 8-10pm for training and staff meetings
  • General Availability Hours – Includes, but not limited to, individual advising, mediation, and community building and other student/staff obligations. Resident Assistants should be available for their residents’ questions and concerns especially during evening hours. This is a non-inclusive classification of staff time and is provided as a guideline. Weekly fluctuations and variations may occur as outlined by the current supervisor
  • Staff Selection – During times of staff selection, current student staff members are required to play an active role where needed when deemed necessary by the Office of Residential Life/Selection Committee
  • Student Leadership – Support of these organizations is vital to the success of the overall programming and community development model in each area. Resident Assistants will be required to attend student leadership meetings and programs. The specific requirements will be determined by the Residential Life Programming Model
  • Training – Staff are required to return to campus and be present for all trainings. All RAs will be expected to move in on August 3rd with Fall Training being held August 4th through 26th. Training will also be held in the winter from January 10th to January 14th.
  • Resident Assistants are required to live in residence hall during the term of their employment
  • Resident Assistants will report to a Residence Hall Director
  • Work Outside of the Resident Assistant Position
    • Graduate assistantships, teaching assistantships, student teaching, clinicals, practicums, and internships are not permitted. Outside employment must be approved by the Resident Assistants RHD during the appointment period prior to accepting the other position and will not be more than 12 hours per week


  • 30 credit hours completed by the start of the Fall semester (sophomore standing required) – this requirement may be waived if you have lived within the residence halls at Missouri Western State University for two semesters by the start of the spring semester
  • Must maintain a 2.5 cumulative and semester GPA
  • Good judicial and Residential Life standing
  • Each Resident Assistant must be enrolled as a full-time student (minimum 12 hours) during the appointed period. The appointee may register for no more than 16 hours per semester

How to apply:

  1. Ensure that you meet all qualifications and are able to complete the essential duties of the position
  2. Complete the following documents
    • An updated and current resume
    • The application located below by hand or on a computer**
  3. Email the application and resume to or bring the documents to the Commons Front Desk by Noon on February 12, 2018.

** To complete the application electronically, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the PDF to your desktop
  2. Open the PDF from your desktop – ensure that the document opens in the Adobe program and not in your browser – it will not save properly if you type into the browser version of Adobe
  3. Type into the document
  4. Save the document
  5. Before closing the form you typed into, check to ensure that the saved document retained your information
  6. Follow instructions for turning in the application


Direct all questions to Sam Wemple at