Residential Life

Contract Cancellation Request

A student who checks into a space in on-campus housing is liable for the housing charge for an entire year unless otherwise noted on the contract. Moving out of the residence halls does not cancel your contract.

If you wish to cancel your housing contract for the coming semester please note the process below. Students currently living in the halls wishing to break their contract are required to complete and submit a Contract Cancellation Request. Contract Cancellation Requests are also available at the Front Desk located in the Commons building. Contract Cancellation Requests are submitted to the Contract Release Committee for consideration. You will be notified via student email of the Committee’s decision. Reviewable reasons for a contract release include marriage, graduation, transferring to another school, discontinued enrollment, significant financial distress, documented health issues or circumstances which are determined by the university to be beyond the control of the student.


For first time residents only, the cancellation fee will be waived and the deposit returned (within 60 days of written notification) if the agreement is canceled in writing by June 1 before the fall semester. The cancellation fee will be assessed if written notification is received after June 1. Those wishing to cancel their housing contract should submit the following information via email to the email address

In the body of the email please indicate:

  • Full Name
  • Date (please note that email glitches are not grounds for extensions or exceptions)
  • G#
  • Residence Hall Room Assignment (if known)
  • Cancellation Request (indicate why you wish to cancel your housing contract)