The Housing Renewal Contract and Room Selection process is open!

It’s time to renew your Residence Hall Contract for 2020-2021! Renew your housing contract starting February 17, 2020 by participating in the online contract process. Contract renewal is split into two different steps:

  • Step One: Sign the contract and select your roommates.
  • Step Two: Select your room! (Selection priority will be given to students who complete the application the earliest, i.e., first come, first-served.)

As always, we encourage you to remain a member of our residential community by participating early in the online contract renewal sessions!

  • All contract renewal sessions will be on-line and can be found in your Goldlink account under the Student Life tab.
  • Students will be assigned a priority group for room selection based on their application received timestamp.
  • When 2020-2021 Room & Board prices are posted, please visit the Housing Costs page. 

Sign-Up Steps

  1. Log into Goldlink and sign the contract beginning February, 17.
  2. Match with your roommate(s). You must match with your roommates before you select a room for roommate requests to be honored. Please see our Roommate Selection Tutorial for instructions on matching roommates. Note: At this time, you are only able to match with other students who have signed a renewal contract. If you want to match with an incoming student, please contact the Office of Residential Life.
    1. Also keep in mind: You will only be able to select rooms in which all students are eligible. For example, if you are in a roommate group with a student who has less than 30 credit hours, the entire roommate group will only be able to select Scanlon, Leaverton, or Vaselakos.
  3. Decide who will be the Roommate Group Leader.
    1. This person will be responsible for logging into My Housing Information and selecting the actual room for the entire group during their priority group room selection process.
    2. Other students in the roommate group will need to log into My Housing Information and confirm the selection, but will not select a specific room.
  4. On your priority group room sign-up date:
    1. The Roommate Group Leader will select the room or suite for the entire roommate group.
    2. Other roommate group students will confirm the selection.

If you run into any issues, please contact our office via phone at 816-383-7100. Thank you for living with us!

Room Selection Schedule

Monday, February 17 – Sunday, March 31                                   Contract is open for renewal and selection of roommates on My Housing Information.

Monday, March 16 – Tuesday, March 17                                        Same Room Selection
Returning residents who want to stay in their same room as long as the room designation has remained the same.

Wed. March 18 – Thursday, March 19                                           Displaced Student Room Selection
Students who cannot reselect their current room will be contacted to participate in this selection.

Friday, March 20 – Saturday, March 21                                        Academic Achievement Wing Room Selection
Students who are Honors/Golden Griffon who wish to move to honors floor (must have 3.2 GPA). Vaselakos 31-01 to 31-18

Monday, March 23 – Tuesday, March 24                                       Priority Group 1 Room Sign-Up
Students who are assigned for Priority Group 1 sign-up will select rooms during this timeframe.

Wed., March 25 – Thursday, March 26                                          Priority Group 2 Room Sign-Up
Students who are assigned for Priority Group 2 sign-up will select rooms during this timeframe.

Friday, March 27 – Tuesday, March 31                                          Priority Group 3 Room Sign-Up and Late Renewals
Students who are selected for Priority Group 3 room sign-up or have applied after Friday, March 27 may select rooms during this timeframe.

Hall Eligibility Requirements

Scanlon – No requirement
Leaverton/Vaselakos – No Requirement
Juda/Beshears – 30 credits minimum
Vartabedian – 30 credits minimum