All Missouri Western students are placed into basic skills courses which are required for our General Studies program and are typically prerequisites for many upper level courses. Your math placement will be determined based on your highest ACT Mathematics sub-score:

The Mathematics Placement Exam is a test created by Missouri Western faculty using institutional data to more accurately place students into courses where they will have a higher opportunity to succeed. Taking this exam could save you time and money as you complete your degree because it allows you to test into a higher level math course.

Missouri Western has created a quick online calculator to help students determine whether taking the Math Placement Exam would be beneficial.

Click here to determine if you should take the Math Placement Exam

The Mathematics Placement Exam is a proctored exam, so you do not have direct access to it. You may take the Math Placement Exam on the day of your Griffon Orientation program or you schedule a personal testing date to take the Mathematics Placement Exam on campus.

You do not have direct access to the Mathematics Placement Exam, but you do have access to the Sample Mathematics Placement Exam and also the full range of possible questions that can be asked on the exam. Missouri Western strongly encourages students to review our online resources and to take the mathematics sample test prior to taking the Mathematics Placement Exam.

Click here to take the mathematics sample test (username: G-number | Password: Date of birth (mmdd)
NOTE: It is recommended you complete a sample test prior to taking the math placement exam. 

Click here to view our other online resources

Within 20 minutes of the end of your exam, an email will be sent to your school email detailing what score you received. When you receive a placement score that grants you access to enroll in a course, your registration restrictions will be removed by 8 p.m. that night. This will be expedited during Orientation days to allow visiting students to register before returning home.

Yes, you can retake the Mathematics Placement Exam as often as you like but you will only be allowed one attempt per calendar week.