Griffon Orientation


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a fee for New Student Registration?
The student fee is included in tuition & fees. The student cost for New Student Registration is $60.00 and is billed to your University account as soon as you register for classes. This cost can be covered by financial aid. There is no cost for guests.

2. Must my parent/guardian attend Registration?
Families are strongly encouraged to attend, but not required. Families have a special session that informs them of policies, procedures, and how to help their students be successful.
3. I have secured a space for my family already, and now one or both of them are unable to attend.
No problem. You will only have to pay for the number of guests that actually attend the program.

4. When does New Student Registration begin?
Start times depend on whether you need to take placement tests or not. Please check your Online Advisement Session confirmation for the time that you need to begin.

5. Do I need a placement examination?
Your Online Advisement Session confirmation will tell you if you need to take a placement exam.
6. When will New Student Registration end?
Our goal is to get done no later than 5:00 p.m. Depending on how long your advisement takes and how many questions you have will impact this time. Some students will get done as early as 3:00 p.m., but please plan on begin here until 5:00 p.m. just in case. Please see the program agendas for more information. (Note: This is for freshmen. Transfer students could be done as early as noon).
7. Do I need to stay for the entire program?
Yes, each participant is required to attend the entire program. It is important to participate in all sessions to gain a greater understanding of Missouri Western and how you will fit in our Missouri Western family.

8. What do I need to bring with me?
You should be sure to bring the following items:
  • - An official photo identification card (Driver’s License or State Identification Card)
  • - License plate number of the vehicle you plan to bring to campus (so that you may register your vehicle)
  • - Official transcripts of all dual credit courses taken (courses taken in high school for college credit)
  • - Documentation of external scholarships you are receiving
  • - If living on campus, updated immunization records (if not already submitted)
9. Must I make full payment for my classes at New Student Registration?
No, however, payment arrangements should be made. Please contact the Western Business Office at 816.271.4324 or at for additional details.

10. I’m expecting financial assistance to cover my educational cost, what should I do?
You should be sure that your financial aid file is complete. If you have questions about your financial aid options, contact the Office of Financial Aid at 816.271.4361 or at Remember to bring copies of any scholarship award letters you have not submitted to the Office of Financial Aid.