At Griffon Orientation (GO), you will receive materials and information that will be helpful in getting you acquainted with our campus and the people that are here to help you be academically successful. However, you can begin preparing for your orientation program now! Begin preparing by following the list below:

Activate Your Goldlink Account

  1. Go to the Goldlink site.
  2. Click on “Activate your account”
  3. Click on Account Lookup
  4. Enter your information

Download the MWSU Admissions mobile app and join the Class of 2023 Facebook group

As you prepare for Griffon Orientation, download the MWSU Admissions mobile app. Due to sustainability efforts, we will not be printing paper agendas, so the app is crucial to your orientation experience. The app will be used throughout GO as your schedule while also providing resources and checklists for you to complete. We also suggest that you join the Official Missouri Western Class of 2023 Facebook group!

Submit Your Immunization Records

You must submit your health and immunization paperwork.
Deadline: Before you move into the residence halls

  • Sign into Goldlink
  • Click on the Student Life tab within your Goldlink account
  • Click on Esry Student Health Center under the Health and Wellness section 

Take Placement Exams (optional)

All students will be placed into basic skills courses which are required for the General Studies program and are typically prerequisites for many upper level courses. It is important that you complete any required coursework in English, mathematics and reading as early in your college career as possible to ensure you graduate in a timely manner. To determine your correct placement into these courses, we look at your highest ACT sub-scores in English, mathematics and reading. You will have a chance to take placement exams the day before your GO program if you’d like to try and test out of the courses where you are placed. You will receive an email if you are eligible for a placement exam.

Placement Exam Schedule – Spring 2020
Test Location Times Offered
Math Remington 105 & 108 1:00 pm, 2:30 pm, or 4:00 pm (75 minutes)
Reading Center for Academic Support 1:00 pm, 2:30 pm, or 4:00 pm (75 minutes)
Writing Murphy 110 1:00 pm or 2:30 pm (75 minutes)
Modern Language Murphy 119 12:00 pm (45 minutes)

Your placement will be determined based on your highest ACT Mathematics sub-score.

  • 17 ACT or lower – MAT 081 Foundations for University Mathematics
  • 18 to 21 ACT – MAT 110E Contemporary Problem Solving plus a supplemental instruction course (satisfies General Studies – some degrees require a higher level math course)
  • 22 ACT or higher – MAT 110, MAT 112, MAT 116 (General Studies Mathematics)

Click here for more information about the math placement exam, including sample test questions

Students with an ACT Reading sub-score of 17 or less are required to take RDG 095 – Reading Skills Improvement.

Your placement will be determined based on your highest ACT English sub-score.

  • 17 ACT or lower – ENG 100 Introduction to College Writing
  • 18 ACT or higher – ENG 104 College Writing and Rhetoric
  • 26 ACT or higher – ENG 112 Honors Composition (optional course)

Complete the FAFSA

  • Apply for a PIN from the U.S. Department of Education
  • Complete the FAFSA at (Missouri Western FAFSA code: 002490)
  • Review the Student Aid Report (SAR) for accuracy
  • Complete verification (only if requested by Missouri Western)

Students attending in the spring: Complete now
Students attending in the fall: 
Application opens October 1; Priority deadline is February 1

Detailed FAFSA information can also be found in your acceptance packet that you received by mail). For additional information about financial aid, visit the Office of Financial Aid website.

Finalize Your Housing Contract

To enhance academic success, Missouri Western requires first-year students who have not previously attended this University and are taking 9 or more credit hours to reside in University housing their first two semesters unless they meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Are living with a parent, grandparent or legal guardian within a 50 mile radius of St Joseph
  • Are 21 years of age by the beginning of the academic year for which they are enrolling
  • Are a military veteran
  • Have completed more than 30 credit hours (not including high school classes taken for college credit)
  • Are married and/or who reside with dependent children

NOTE: Please submit a First Year Requirement Waiver if you meet any of the exemption criteria. These forms are also available through your Goldlink account.

Students need to apply for housing as soon as possible. (Please note that Missouri Western begins accepting housing applications on November 1.) Students will be required to pay a $100 housing deposit when submitting a housing application. No housing deposit waivers are allowed. You can apply for housing by following these instructions:

  • Sign into Goldlink
  • Click on the Student Life tab within your Goldlink account
  • Click on MyHousing information under the On-Campus Living section

All first year students must have either a housing contract or a granted waiver request on file with the Office of Residential Life. Failure to have a granted housing waiver on file will result in a room charge being placed on the student’s account. Click here for additional information about living on campus.

Arrange For Special Accommodations

We want your Griffon Orientation to be as stress-free as possible. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your visit more comfortable. After all, you are now part of the Missouri Western State University family.

Office of Admissions
Phone: 816.271.4266

Send AP Test Scores

AP exam scores may exempt you from certain course requirements. It is possible that you indicated on your AP exam paperwork that you wanted your results to be sent to Missouri Western State University.

Send AP Scores to the Registrar’s Office:
Missouri Western State University
Registrar’s Office, Eder Hall 102
4525 Downs Drive
St. Joseph, Missouri 64507

Phone: 816.271.4211
Fax: 816.271.4229

Submit Your Final High School Transcripts

Request that your high school principal or counselor submit your final, official high school transcript showing class rank, cumulative grade point average, and courses taken. These scores should be sent to the Office of Admissions.

Office of Admissions
4525 Downs Drive
St. Joseph, MO 64507
Phone: 816.271.4266
Fax: 816.271.5833