Recreation Services

Front Desk Worker, Baker Family Center

The front desk worker’s main duties lie in the greeting members and assisting with various daily aspects of fitness center management.

Primary duties include: 

  1. Greeting members upon arrival.
  2. Checking for valid ID from members.
  3. Administering and checking health history forms.
  4. Explaining need for physician’s release and making sure releases are completed prior to an individual’s work out.
  5. Administering and checking guest forms.
  6. Administering and checking consent for care of minor.
  7. Providing all new members with equipment orientation.
  8. Explaining rules and policies from handbook to new members.
  9. Providing returning members with new programs and training ideas.
  10. Being knowledgeable in health and fitness field.
  11. Offering sound, researched advice to members upon request.
  12. Being a role model to users of the facility.
  13. Taking and explaining body composition using skin fold calipers.
  14. Assessing physical fitness of members using test techniques.
  15. Maintaining the cleanliness of the equipment and facility.
  16. Attending staff meetings.
  17. Making sure members’ activities are safe and offering advice on safety for those who are questioning. This includes spotting as required.
  18. Assisting coordinator whenever required.
  19. Being knowledgeable about the campus, directions, events, and services of campus recreation.
  20. Enforce all rules and regulations stated in the workout rules and guidelines brochures.
  21. Performing CPR, AED, basic first aid and completing accident reports as necessary.
  22. All other duties as required


  1. Must be an MWSU student
  2. Must be able to lift or push at least 30 pounds
  3. Must be able to work varied shifts
  4. Must be able to assert authority to peers, faculty, staff, and community members
  5. Must be able to communicate ideas to others
  6. Must be willing to learn about current trends in fitness, fitness programming for various populations, and aerobic and anaerobic testing techniques

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Fitness certification
  2. CPR and AED Certifications
  3. Exercise Science majors or a strong background in health, fitness, and/or nutrition
  4. Eligible for work study
  5. We will be hiring for this position as needed throughout the year.