Recreation Services

Scheduled Events

Classes, Athletic Teams, Adult Fitness Classes
The Fitness Center will be accessible to all members at all times. However, since the primary purpose of Missouri Western State University is to serve the students and provide education, at certain times of the day, an academic class or an athletic team may occupy the facility. The classes and teams will have first priority to use equipment when they have pre-scheduled workout times. If you are a student not enrolled in the class, a student athlete on a different athletic team, an alumni member, or Gold Coat Club member, you may have to wait for equipment and/or be willing to share. We strive to make this accommodating to all. Please understand the facility’s limitations. You may find it necessary to adjust workout times as to not conflict with the classes or athletes’ schedules. All pre-scheduled classes and team lifting schedules will be posted at the Front Desk so you will be better able to decide the best workout time for you