Recreation Services

Pre-Workout Guidelines

Each individual that works out at the Fitness Center is required to:
– Show a valid ID.
– Complete a health history form.
– Appropriate wardrobe
– An individual taking classes at MWSU is a student and cannot be a guest.

Additional Pre-Workout Considerations:

1. All men age 45 and over and women 55 and over must have a physician’s consent in order to exercise.

2. If an individual who does not fall in the above guidelines has indicated some health risks that might limit his/her exercise capacity, he/she must also obtain a physician’s approval before being admitted.

3. No one under the age of 12 will be admitted (Only at the Fitness Center).

4. Individuals aged 12-15 will only be allowed to workout under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian with a valid ID.

5. If an individual is under 18, he/she must have a consent for care of minor form signed by his/her parents or guardian before being allowed to workout.