Recreation Services

Campus Map

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blue-dot Blue Circles: Accessible Parking (A Disability parking permit is required)
White Circles: Parking Area
NOTE: Students, faculty and staff must purchase a parking sticker to park on campus and must park in the designated parking spots. Gold Coat Club and Alumni members working out at the fieldhouse do not have to purchase a parking sticker.

Looney Complex (PE Building) and Baker Center (fitness center) are located on the main MWSU campus. Access to those buildings can be obtained by coming in on the Northeast entrance, James McCarthy Drive (off Faraon) or the South entrance off of Mitchell Avenue.

Looney Complex (PE Building) has the Arena/Gymnasium, Racquetball Courts, Swimming Pool and Equipment Rental And Check-out Program.

The Baker Center (fitness center) includes cardio and weight lifting equipment.

You must be an MWSU student, faculty/staff or you must PURCHASE a membership to use our facilities.

Facilities that are open to the public are:

The Frisbee Golf course is located behind the Baker Center (fitness center).

We have two walking trails on the MWSU campus.

  • The wood chipped walking trail is 1.9 miles long and begins behind the Baker Center (fitness center).

  • The asphalt walking trail begins in parking lot H (behind the Baker Center) and continues out James McCarthy Drive. The asphalt walking trail encircles the pond on James McCarthy Drive and and meets ADA regulations (there are two handicap parking spaces available at the pond parking lot).The asphalt walking trail continues onto Faraon to the bridge going over Interstate 29. The distance of the asphalt trail (from Parking lot H, around pond, along James McCarthy Drive, along Faraon to bridge going over Interstate 29) is 1.54 miles. Out and back would be a 3.08 miles.

The Trap Range is located on West Campus. As you can see on the map Interstate 29 separates the Trap Range and the MWSC main campus. Click here for more trap range information.

For a more detailed map of the Missouri Western Campus, click here.