Intramural Eligibility Rules

  1. Injuries and Insurance: Students, faculty, and staff are reminded that their participation in intramural sports and free-time recreation activities is completely voluntary and the intramural/free-time recreation staff assumes no liability or responsibility during participation.  It is strongly recommended that all participants have a satisfactory health status and appropriate personal accident insurance coverage for any injury which might occur during participation in these activities.
  1. In the event of an injury, the injured player is required to sit out one play and then re-enter the game at the referee’s discretion.  In the event of serious injury, the player is required to sit out the rest of the game.
  1. A student must be currently enrolled for at least one hour of credit at Missouri Western State University to be eligible for intramural participation.  A faculty or staff member is eligible as long as they are officially recognized by the college as faculty or staff.
  1. Any person who has been red-shirted or a member of a freshman, junior varsity, or varsity athletic team in the fall or spring at any college or university is ineligible to participate in that specific intramural activity or related activity.  They may not participate in the activities listed above until one year following their last collegiate play attempt.  Only ONE former varsity athlete is allowed on any one intramural team.  If the team has a former athlete on it, the team must play in the upper-division (if there is one).  For further clarification contact the Recreation Services office.  An individual is considered to be a member of a varsity squad if they practice with the team; their name appears on a roster for a regular-season; or if they play spring ball.
  1. A player may not transfer from one team to another during a particular activity once they have played in the first game of the season.  At the start of a new activity, they are then able to transfer to a new team.  If the participant’s name appears on two (2) rosters, the individual must commit themselves to one of the teams before they play.
  1. A player ejected from a game may not play again in that activity and they may not be substituted for in the game they were ejected.  If a player is ejected from two (2) contests throughout the year, they may not participate in intramurals again.
  1. Players can be added to the teams only if the Captain of the team comes to the Recreation Services office and adds a player.  A team can only have 15 players.  No matter how many players you have on your roster, no more names can be added to the roster 24 hours after the first game.  If a player is injured and the team falls below 10 players, teams can petition for an additional player.
  1. Team names must be clean, unobtrusive, inoffensive, and unbiased.  If a team is turned in with an unsuitable name, they will be pulled from play.
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