Physical Therapist Assistant Program

Dr. Cosette Hardwick

Associate Professor and Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education
BS Physical Therapy, University of Kansas Medical Center; DPT Creighton University

Dr. Cosette Hardwick, PT, DPT, began her career as a staff physical therapist at St. Joseph Hospital in St. Joseph, Missouri. In 1982 Dr. Hardwick joined the staff at Methodist Medical Center (later Heartland Health Systems) in St. Joseph where she worked as a home health therapist, and then served five years as the Chief Physical Therapist . She began her teaching career at Missouri Western State University in 1999, and is Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education.

Curriculum Vitae

Office: Murphy Hall 304
Office Phone: (816) 271-5996

Office Hours:
Fall: 10-12 pm M and W, 1-2 pm T or by appointment
Spring: 10-2 M, 12-2 W or by appointment

Fall Teaching Schedule:

PTA 110 Patient Care Skills
PTA 260 Clinical Neurology

Spring Teaching Schedule:

PTA 140 Measurements and Procedures
PTA 265 Diseases and Dysfunctions
PTA 270 Psychosocial Aspects of Physcial Therapy
PTA 285 Clinical Education II

Summer Teaching Schedule:

PTA 185 Clinical Education I
PTA 290 Clinical Education III