Physical Therapist Assistant Program

PTA Application

Applying to the PTA program requires a separate application from your general application to Missouri Western. For reasons that include standards of program accreditation, faculty:student ratio, and adequate clinical education opportunities, a limited number of students is admitted into the PTA program.

Admission Requirements

  • High School Diploma, or equivalent
  • Completion of the Missouri minimum core curriculum as required by the university
  • Submitted transcripts and ACT or TEAS scores, even if they are already on file with the university
  • Completed application with references, observation form, and essay.
  • Desirable: A strong background in science and math
Application Form

Please read all instructions carefully. You are responsible for verifying that all application materials have been properly completed and submitted.

Recommendation Form (Three required)

You will specify in your application who will be providing recommendations on your behalf. You may send these recommendation forms to three persons qualified to submit pertinent information as to your potential professional qualifications. You may include a teacher, a health professional, an employer, or another professional person. Please do not include a relative.

Submitting recommendation letters

Have references fill out forms, seal in an envelope and sign across the envelope flap. The signature is important. If the signature across the envelope flap is missing, it will be assumed that the applicant has been able to see the recommendation and it will be discarded. Return the sealed envelopes with your application or have the reference send directly to us. Please do not include more than three recommendations.

Observation/Volunteer/Employment Form(s)

Each applicant is required to spend time observing, volunteering, or working in a physical therapy clinic. A total of twenty-four hours is required before your application will be considered. You must observe both inpatient (hospital, nursing home, rehabilitation) and outpatient therapy in two different settings. A minimum of two hours must be spent in each setting. The goal of observation hours is to achieve a basic familiarity with the nature and scope of the Physical Therapy profession. The experiences must be completed and the forms returned prior to the application deadline.


Please respond to the following question and send with your application:

What has led you to consider the health care field, and specifically a career as a Physical Therapist Assistant? Why do you feel this is a good career for you? Include reasons you believe you can be successful. Describe one area where you feel some self-improvement would be helpful for a successful career and suggest some things you might do to improve that area.


The application, recommendations, observation forms (with 24 hours of observation), transcripts, and ACT/TEAS scores must be sent to PTA program address by March 31 for the following fall.