Department of Psychology

Tool Links

The lists below provide links to information you may find helpful for collaborating with others, resources for interactive design / usability testing, learning software, and building a website.

A downloadable template of the Satisfaction Usability Scale (SUS) is provided at the bottom of the page. The template can provide data for up to 20 participants along with the mean and standard deviation.

Careers and Collaboration Links
Show creative work
Display design work
Read about special interest websites
HFES Career Center
Job postings
Job search enging
Virtual meetings
Create diagrams
Interactive Design / Usability Testing Links
Screen image grabber
Mind Mapping software
Flowcharts, diagrams, floor plans, tech drawings, etc.
Human computer interaction tools online
Paper prototyping
Create animated videos and presentations
Randomizing trials
SUS sheet
Satisfaction Usability Scale (SUS) automatic scoring spreadsheet
Tag clouds
Remote usability testing
Usability Website
Software Tutorials
Axure tutorials
Camtasia tutorials
Ask a faculty member for login/password
Matlab application coding
Morae tutorials
Axure student software request
Convert documents from and to PDFs
QR code generator
Website template
Send large files
Purdue OWL
APA (6th ed.). Guidelines
Website Tools
Free pictures
Free cut and paste JAVA script
Domain verification
Free HTML text editor