Department of Psychology

Psychology Lab-LUIS

The Laboratory for Usability and Interactive Systems (LUIS) is Missouri Western's research laboratory for interactive design and usability testing. Graduate students in the program are encouraged to do studies within their area(s) of interest.

They use software that they will use in in their careers and learn the skills of teamwork, collaboration and communication. Our lab uses the following programs...

Axure and UserZoom.

Balsamiq and Adobe Creative Suite.

Morae by Techsmith.

The program began in 2009 to provide students with educational background and training in the various interaction design and usability testing techniques. The lab completes studies in interactive design, usability testing, and cognitive engineering. Many of our studies begin with requests from local or national organizations.

In previous semesters we have worked on the following projects:

Alzheimer's Association Website- redesign for mobile

Comparative Analysis of Citation Managers

One Bus Away Usability Testing

All of these projects and others can be found at the lab's research oriented website: